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Get An Instant Ballpark New York Solar Estimate Using Satellites!

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Energy Independence with Solar Power in New York

True energy independence comes from making your own decisions that affect cost, reliability, and sustainability. Solar power in New York is the most effective way to power your home. You’ll enjoy savings over time with a return on investment that helps you to achieve your financial goals.

Our team of New York Power Solutions solar experts is ready to start with your free estimate and consultation. Find out why so many families are switching to solar today.

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In just five easy steps, you can switch to New York solar.

  1. Start with a ballpark estimate, energy savings assessment, and free cost/benefit analysis.
  2. We’ll schedule a visit to survey your home and provide a final detailed estimate.
  3. We take care of permitting in-house, so there’s less paperwork for you.
  4. New York solar is installed in a single day.
  5. We’ll conduct a welcome meeting to set you up with monitoring apps and teach you about your system.

New York solar will save you money by decreasing your utility bill. You can install a solar battery to maximize savings with protection from grid outages. The average solar system will pay for itself within the first ten years. After that, the savings are all yours.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become energy independent with a solar system that adds real value to your home. Talk to New York Power Solutions solar experts today.

New York Power Solutions Solar Specialists

We are a team of the most talented solar professionals in New York. We focus on quality, reliability, and affordability. We are completely transparent with our solar estimates and engineering plans so that you’ll know exactly what solar can do for you.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

With New York Power Solutions solar experts, you’ll have confidence knowing that your solar system will be designed for your unique needs. Stop paying the ridiculous rates of local utility companies. Take your energy independence and generate clean energy right on your rooftop.

Affordable Installations with NY Solar Incentives

We keep solar power in New York affordable with our extensive industry partnerships and focus on efficiency. Solar is also made more affordable with the help of NY solar incentives. There is a range of NY solar incentives available that can dramatically offset the cost of your installation.

  • In New York City, a property tax abatement program can refund up to 20% of the cost of solar.
  • Federal and NY solar incentives can provide direct credits on your income tax.
  • NYSERDA provides incentives based on the size of the installed system.

We are experienced in federal and NY solar incentives, and our knowledge becomes your advantage. We will apply expected tax credits to our no-money-down financing. Our financing is split into two terms with an initial interest-free period based on credits from NY solar incentives.

Solar power in New York is within reach of the average household. Begin your consultation with New York Power Solutions solar experts and see just how affordable it can be.

One of the Best Solar Companies in New York

Many providers are ready to offer you solar power in New York. But if you want the best experience, you need the best solar companies in New York.

Our customers trust us when looking for the best solar companies in New York. We’ve installed more than 5,000 systems, bringing affordable energy to homes and businesses. We’re one of the best solar companies in New York when you want options. We provide custom-engineered solar solutions, including Tesla solar systems that will provide decades of benefits to your family.

Choose solar power in New York for savings, convenience, and reliability. There’s absolutely no risk with one of the best solar companies in New York. Get your free ballpark estimate today, and our team will show you how easy it is to switch to New York solar.