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Get An Instant Ballpark New York Solar Estimate Using Satellites!

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~Why You Should Switch to Clean Energy with Tesla Solar~


Make the Switch with Tesla Solar Panels

Solar saves you money by generating sustainable energy right on your rooftop. Tesla solar panels provide a turnkey solution with an aesthetic, low-profile design. New York Power Solutions can install Tesla home solar, giving you true energy independence. Electric utility rates in New York are among the highest in the nation. With Tesla solar panels, you’ll reduce your monthly spending and enjoy a return on investment over time.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make the switch to clean and affordable solar.


Install Tesla Home Solar and See Your Savings Grow

You can install Tesla home solar and see your savings increase over time. Whether you pay for your system upfront or take advantage of our no-money-down financing, it won’t take long before you see a return on investment.

• When paying upfront, your system will typically pay for itself after the first six years. From that point, the savings only grow. Solar panels last for 25 to 30 years, so the benefits are long-term.

• Even if you finance, you’ll start to see savings in around eight to ten years, depending on usage patterns. You can choose financing that works for you. Repayments are typically smaller than an electric bill without solar.

Any excess energy that you produce can be exported to the grid. This builds credit on your utility account to offset the evenings and days of low production. Choosing to install Tesla home solar is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make.

It’s simple to install Tesla home solar when you have a trusted team on your side. New York Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems to date.

Stop paying too much to power your home. Tesla solar panels will free you from rising prices on the grid. Start with your free estimate from an experienced Tesla solar installer in New York.

Protect Your Home from Outages with Tesla Powerwall

Solar panels shut down during power outages. This protects the grid and anyone working on it. But with a Tesla Powerwall, you can continue to power your home even when the grid goes down. During the day, solar panels charge the Tesla Powerwall. The solar battery can then deploy during the evenings or whenever the grid shuts off.

Tesla Powerwall offers:
• A reliable energy storage backup.
• Energy independence with less reliance on the utility company.
• Around the clock outage protection.

Tesla Powerwall could be the ideal solution for your energy needs. Efficiency is ensured with a battery backup that is designed specifically for Tesla solar panels.

Want to keep your home powered no matter what’s happening outside? Start with your free estimate from New York Power Solutions.

Install Tesla Solar Panels with the Best Tesla Solar Installer in New York

New York Power Solutions is your local Tesla solar installer in New York. We offer completely free estimates using satellite data and your energy usage history. With an experienced Tesla solar installer in New York, you can have confidence knowing that you will get the best workmanship and solar that suits your needs.

It’s time to go clean. Enjoy savings and reliability with Tesla solar panels. Start with your free estimate or talk to our team today to learn more. Give us a call today! (914) 809-9579