Solar Power in New York

Deployment of Solar Energy is Increasing

Bloomberg posted an interesting solar article this week, pointing out that solar is winning in the renewable space, beating the deployment of wind turbines. For industry insiders, it’s easy to see why. Solar is more versatile and works year-round. Output is more predictable and it’s easier to get solar electricity to the end-user. Perhaps most importantly for everyday people, solar can be deployed at a grassroots level. In your case, you could use solar power in New York to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy more affordable electricity at your home.

Around 245 Gigawatts of solar will be deployed in 2022. That’s significant when you consider that only 651 Gigawatts have been deployed globally in the entire history of solar energy.

Solar Power in New York Makes Sense

When most families and businesses consider solar power in New York, they look at the two biggest selling points. These are cost savings and reliability. But beyond this, there are also environmental benefits to going solar. In a world where our emissions are far too high to sustain, solar is a positive change that could limit climate extremes for future generations.

Solar can save you money. That’s a fact. The average solar panel system will pay for itself within a period of eight years. After this time, the savings can go right back into your pocket for a retirement fund, college fund, home improvements, investment, or anything that you want to use them for.

Considering that a solar system will last between 25 and 30 years, the value is incredible.

Reliability is one thing that New York residents will appreciate. The grid here is notoriously unreliable. Outages are frequent. When you combine solar panels with a battery backup system, you can protect your home or business from outages. The grid might go down, but your lights won’t go off.

There are various government-backed programs to keep solar affordable, but they won’t be around forever. The Federal Government returns a 26% dollar-for-dollar tax credit on the cost of new installations at a primary home. From the State Government, there are programs like the NYC Solar Property Tax Abatement Program. This allows homeowners to claim 20% of the solar installation costs, split into four 5% installments over the first four years.

In short, there has never been a better time to install solar power in New York. The convenience and the savings are too good to ignore.

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The Process is Simple with New York Power Solutions

In the news, we can see that solar power deployment is beating wind power. It’s the renewable of choice. It’s difficult to get approval for wind farms and the cost of development is high. Because solar can be deployed at homes for single users, the adoption rate is higher.

It’s surprisingly simple to get installed with a leading provider like New York Power Solutions.

Our team will design, install, and maintain your system over its lifetime. We provide free energy savings assessments with detailed cost/benefit breakdowns so that you can see exactly how much you could save over the lifetime of your system.

Permits for New York solar installation are taken care of in-house, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about. The physical New York solar installation will be completed in a single day, and we clean up all mess, leaving nothing behind but clean and reliable solar for your family.

The increased global deployment of solar is great news for the environment and the industry. Today, solar technologies have advanced so that you’ll get the best and most efficient experience at home, even on a relatively small scale.

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