Take Advantage of Federal and New York State Renewable Energy Credits

The demand for solar installations in New York is growing. With federal and New York State renewable energy credits, solar has become more affordable for the average family.
If you’ve seen recent news coverage about the solar revolution, it’s time to consider it for your home.

Solar is More Affordable with New York Solar Power Rebates

Your electricity bills will shrink when you have solar power in New York. A New York solar installation is one of the most effective ways to save money while also gaining energy independence. Solar has become increasingly more affordable in recent years.

Solar Incentives in NYC Help to Offset Climate Change

With solar incentives in NYC, it’s more affordable than ever to switch to renewable energy. As more states create incentive programs for going green, reviewing what’s available in New York is essential.
If you’re in New York City, you’ll find that several government incentive programs can help you to get clean and affordable solar power on your rooftop.

NYS Solar Tax Credit and You

An investment in solar panels will free you from the ludicrous electricity prices in NY. As rates increase, the appeal of solar power in New York only increases. Through income tax benefits and other programs, you can reduce the real cost of your New York solar installation.

Senators Discuss Clean Energy Tax Cuts – Will it Affect Your NY Solar Tax Credit?

United States Senators have begun early bipartisan talks to review tax credits for clean energy initiatives. If you’ve ever considered solar power in New York, you might have seen the many generous state and federal NY solar tax credits available.

New York State Solar Rebate FAQ – Your Questions Answered

New York State Solar Rebate FAQ – Your Questions Answered

Solar becomes a lot more affordable when you consider the federal and New York State solar rebates available for homeowners. In most cases, New York State solar rebates and the federal incentive can cover more than half the cost of an installation.

If you’re thinking about installing solar, the New York state solar rebate will be a significant factor in your decision. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the New York State solar rebate, with answers from the team at New York Power Solutions.

What’s the New York State Solar Rebate in 2022?

For 2022, the New York State Solar Rebate is set at 25% of the total solar installation, up to $5,000. You’ll be eligible for the New York State Solar Rebate on the installation of a new solar panel system at your primary home.

Is There a Federal Solar Panel Government Rebate?

Yes! In addition to the NYS tax rebate program, there’s also a solar panel government rebate from the federal side. The federal solar panel government tax rebate is currently set at 26% of the cost of a solar installation.

Will the Federal Solar Panel Government Rebate Expire?

It makes sense for lawmakers to sign off on the solar panel government rebate. More homes with solar increases energy security. Solar powered homes have a smaller carbon footprint. Solar installations even stimulate the economy.

Even so, the federal and state solar panel government rebates will eventually expire. The federal solar panel government rebate will decline to 23% in 2023. It’s not unrealistic to expect that within the next ten years, the federal solar panel government rebate will be significantly lower than it is today, before disappearing completely.

Of course, government policy is complex and there’s no way to make a fully accurate prediction on when the federal solar panel government rebate will expire. The same goes for the NYS tax rebate program.

If you want to get the best rebate, it makes good sense to install solar sooner rather than later.

How Do NYSERDA PSEG Long Island Residential Rebates Work?

NYSERDA rebates work differently to tax rebates. These are paid directly to approved installers and are calculated per watt. If you’re a PSEG customer in Long Island, we’ll calculate the PSEG Long Island residential rebates and factor this into your bill.

With PSEG Long Island residential rebates, the federal tax benefit, and the NYS tax rebate program, more than half the cost of your solar system will be offset.

If you want to know exactly what PSEG Long Island residential rebates would look like in your situation, you can talk to us today. We provide comprehensive consultations and a full breakdown with cost/benefit analysis so that you can make an informed decision on a solar panel installation.

Does NYSERDA Provide Rebates Outside of Long Island?

Absolutely. NYSERDA is the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. In addition to PSEG Long Island residential rebates, people around the state with various providers can enjoy a lower installation cost with the rebate paid directly to the solar installer.

Is The Contractor Required to Pass on NYSERDA PSEG Long Island Residential Rebates?

Whether considering NYSERDA PSEG Long Island residential rebates or rebates for accounts connected to any provider in New York, the contractor is required to pass on the rebate to the consumer.

It’s always best to choose an NYSERDA approved installer, such as New York Power Solutions. You’ll have confidence knowing that the full eligible PSEG Long Island residential rebates will be used to reduce the total cost of your installation.

How Much Cheaper is Solar with the NYS Tax Rebate Program?

When calculating the federal and NYS tax rebate programs, along with the NYSERDA rebate, more than half the total cost of the solar system is covered.

This is incredibly helpful not just for affordability, but also for your returns in the long term. The generous federal and NYS tax rebate programs are partially responsible for the 15% to 25% return on investment that our customers typically enjoy when installing home solar.

How are NYS Tax Rebate Programs Connected to Financing?

Most homeowners will finance their solar installations. When we arrange to finance, we will calculate the NYS tax rebate program benefits.

  • The initial finance period is interest-free. At the end of the tax year, you use your expected tax rebates to pay for the initial loan.
  • The remainder of the financing is applied to a term loan. You can choose the term that suits you so that repayments are manageable. Rates are competitive and fixed throughout the term.

As a fully integrated solar panel installation company, we assist with all aspects of making the switch to solar. From understanding NYS tax rebate programs to providing support throughout the lifetime of your system, our experts are always happy to help.

Solar Done Right with New York Power Solutions

New York State rebates, NYSERDA incentives, and federal rebates all come together to make solar more affordable. NYS solar energy rebates make it even more compelling to switch to solar.

With New York Power Solutions, you will enjoy:

  • A smooth consultation and installation process.
  • A complete cost/benefit analysis before you commit to solar.
  • 25-Years of warranty coverage.
  • Ongoing support with system monitoring.
  • Free smartphone apps to track solar production and usage.
  • Low penetration racking and flashing for a safe and reliable rooftop installation.
  • An in-home welcome meeting with aftercare throughout the lifetime of your system.

There has never been a better time to go solar. New York solar power rebates, high efficiency of solar panels, options for battery backup, massive savings throughout the lifetime of your panels… all the benefits of solar make it senseless to stay reliant on the old and inefficient grid.

If you’re ready to make the switch, or if you want to learn more with an expert solar consultant, you can talk to us today. Take advantage of federal and New York State solar rebates and enjoy environmentally friendly, affordable, and reliable electricity at home.