New York renewable energy credits

New York Renewable Energy Credits Help You Get More Out of Solar

Tesla announced last week that it had entered an agreement with PG&E to reward California’s solar customers for supporting the grid. Under a “Virtual Power Plant” program, homeowners can distribute power from their solar batteries during specific events (like partial outages or days when production doesn’t meet demand) and earn rebates for doing so. It’s an interesting program and one that could create the largest distributed battery in the world. It’s open to Tesla customers with Powerwall solar batteries in the Golden State. If you’re still considering solar for your home, you can enter a similar program with New York renewable energy credits. Under Net Metering, you can get paid in New York renewable energy credits that offset your monthly bill.

Here’s how it works…

Net Metering and New York Renewable Energy Credits

New York is a state offering full retail Net Metering. Under a program with your utility company, you can get paid for the energy that you export from your New York solar installation.

On most days, you will produce more solar energy than your home needs. Any excess energy generated will be exported back onto the grid. Net Metering uses a power meter that spins both ways. When you export, the meter will spin in reverse.

This helps you to manage your bill and generate a return on investment from solar. The energy that you export during the day will help to cover the cost of energy that you import during the evenings.

During some times of the year, solar production can drop because of cloud cover, shorter daylight hours, heavy rain, and snow. The New York renewable energy credits that you generate from Net Metering can help to cover these periods, balancing out your costs over each year.

New York renewable energy credits with Net Metering work a little different from the Tesla program that we mentioned in the first paragraph, but there are similarities. Both programs are designed to leverage the full potential of solar, and both can result in significant savings.

Over here on the East Coast, your credits can accumulate on your bill. If you end the year with surplus credits in your account, your utility company will send you a check.

With New York renewable energy credits you can get more value from your solar installation. Call us today!

Planning a New York Solar Installation to Work with Net Metering

Your New York solar installation needs to be carefully planned to meet your needs. At New York Power Solutions, we will consider your average daily usage, your monthly bills, and your future needs before we design your New York solar installation.

Your system will be designed so that it covers your electricity needs during the day, while also having the potential to export energy and create a return. Our solar engineers are focused on value and efficiency.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Solar Power in New York

You can install solar power in New York to generate savings and a return on investment. The average system will pay for itself in the first eight to ten years of ownership.

More than just cost savings, solar power in New York will also ensure that your home is more efficient and friendlier to the environment. Installing solar with New York Power Solutions can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. If installed with a solar battery, you can also enjoy blackout protection so your home will stay powered even when the grid goes down.

Trust the Experts at New York Power Solutions

The team at New York Power Solutions is ready to deliver reliable and affordable solar power in New York. Gain your energy independence with the help of the most experienced solar installers in the state. Get your free ballpark estimate today and see how solar with Net Metering New York renewable energy credits can work for you.