New York No Cost Solar

New York No Cost Solar – Is it Possible?

If you’re considering a New York solar installation, you might be tempted by a New York no cost solar program. While these programs are often marketed as the best way to get solar power in New York, the reality is quite different from the initial promise.

New York no cost solar doesn’t mean you won’t pay for solar. And, in most cases, you won’t even own the solar equipment on your rooftop. Here’s why you should beware of “free” solar power in New York and why it’s much more financially viable to go with a rooftop installation from New York Power Solutions.

What is “Free” Solar Power in New York?

In New York no cost solar isn’t free. While there are no installation charges, a solar provider will still charge you for the electricity generated on your rooftop. New York no cost solar programs are typically leased or solar power purchase agreements.

The promise of no cost solar power in New York can be enticing, but when you get into the contracts, the value starts to disappear. While a lease or power purchase agreement could save you some money compared to a standard utility bill, the savings are typically very small compared to owning your system outright. And, you won’t benefit from the tax rebates and incentives you can get when you install solar with a company like New York Power Solutions.

A New York Solar Installation Will Return Money Over Time

Unlike so-called, no cost solar, a New York solar installation with our team will pay for itself and then provide a return on investment over its lifetime.

  • You can finance your New York solar installation with no money down.
  • Excess energy can be exported to the grid, and you’ll get credits from your utility company.
  • Credits cover the energy you use when the sun goes down.
  • Most systems pay off in the first eight to ten years. After that, the savings go into your pocket.

Solar is the most valuable financial investment that you can make in your home.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

New Developments in Solar

New York no cost solar is sometimes marketed as a new and innovative way to get solar. As we’ve covered, it’s one of the worst ways to utilize the sunlight that hits your rooftop. But, plenty of positive developments in the news can get you excited about going solar…

  • Researchers are developing technologies to make floating solar farms viable. Informally named floatovoltaics, floating solar farms use buoyant panel arrays placed on large bodies of water like lakes and reservoirs. This technology could increase solar production in the U.S. while securing the water supply by preventing evaporation.
  • New products are being developed to integrate solar panels into homes and businesses seamlessly. Today, rooftop panels are the most efficient for New York solar installation, But some emerging technologies will integrate solar into the siding and even windows. Watch out for advances in this area in the coming years. We could see real architectural solar products in this generation.
  • Could we see solar clothing in the future? According to researchers, it’s possible. Scientists are creating textiles with solar generation capabilities built in. In the future, we could charge our devices from the light that hits our clothing during the day.

Don’t just wait to see these solar news stories come to life. With our team, you can get an efficient New York solar installation at home.

Clean and Affordable Solar from New York Power Solutions

New York no-cost solar can’t provide the benefits of a system you own outright. Get solar done right with the team at New York Power Solutions. Start with a free ballpark estimate and see how easy it is to switch to solar.