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Residential Solar Companies are Rapidly Expanding

If you’re considering solar power in New York, now is the best time to get connected. There are generous tax credits available, and the market is rapidly expanding. With more than a third of American homeowners now thinking about going solar, there’s going to be longer wait times in the near future. You can get connected with one of the best residential solar companies in New York. The team at New York Power Solutions is ready to get started on your project.

Massive Investments in Solar – New R&D Facility Opening

If you want to know just how much the industry is heating up, you only need to consider some of the investments being made in solar manufacturing.

The largest American solar panel manufacturer has just announced that it will be investing $270 million in a new solar R&D center.

First Solar said this week that record shipments and a growing backlog with consistent demand has forced the company to innovate and adapt. The company will build a 1.3 million square feet facility in Perrysburg, Ohio, from where it will develop new technologies and manufacturing methods so that it can meet demand in the coming years.

This isn’t the only announcement of its type in recent weeks. Solar panel manufacturing is scaling up all around the world, and many manufacturers are struggling to meet current demand. America has lagged behind in panel manufacturing, so many of the panels used today are produced overseas. Scaling the industry up will allow more job creation and a more reliable domestic supply chain.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Get Installed with One of the Best Residential Solar Companies

You can get solar power in New York from New York Power Solutions. We are one of the most experienced residential solar companies in the state. We’ve completed more than 5,000 system installations, with our customers enjoying significant savings and true energy independence.

  • We source our solar panels and components from the top American and international suppliers. We choose our equipment based on efficiency, reliability, and competitive pricing.
  • We employ a team of the best solar professionals in America, ensuring you get the service and solutions that you deserve.
  • We are locally based. If you want the best residential solar companies, always go local. It ensures familiarity with the local regulations, environment, and best practices.

Solar power in New York is one of the best improvements you could make in your home. Getting an estimate for a New York solar installation today will ensure that you can beat the inevitable rush of families making the switch in the coming years.

There’s a New Federal Incentive for New York Solar Installations

The real cost of a New York solar installation has recently decreased. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 brought with it a 30% federal tax credit for solar installation. This is in addition to existing New York credits and incentives.

We can use expected tax credits to offer split financing with no money down. There’s an initial interest-free period based on tax credits, and the remainder of your bill will be applied to a loan with a term of your choosing.

Having access to solar power in New York with no money down makes it easier to start saving as soon as you’re ready to schedule your installation.

Solar doesn’t just provide energy independence. It can also help you to achieve long-term financial independence.

Forget the Ridiculous New York Electricity Prices

New York electricity rates the highest in the nation outside of Hawaii and Alaska. With inflation, families are feeling the pinch. If you want to save money, a New York solar installation is the best way to do it. Solar power in New York will generate a return on investment over the 25 – 30 year expected life span of your panels.

Ready to get started? Get your free solar estimate from one of New York’s best residential solar companies and see just how affordable it could be to get rooftop panels for your home.