Battery Backup for Solar Panels

Battery Backup for Solar Panels is Better for the Environment

In the news over recent months, there’s been a lot of coverage surrounding the environmental effect of solar panels. Most people agree that panels and battery backup for solar panels are good for the environment. But there are still concerns about the waste that gets produced during manufacturing, and when solar panels are decommissioned at end of life. Much of the hype in the news has surrounded the waste that will get produced as older solar panels are replaced in the coming years. While there have been plenty of headlines about this, the latest scientific consensus suggests that solar panel waste won’t be anywhere near as bad as most people think. You can install solar and battery backup for solar panels, and feel completely confident in the positive environmental impact of your decision.

New Report Has Encouraging Words for Solar Power in New York and Everywhere Else

If you’ve been concerned about getting solar power in New York only to contaminate the environment later, you can have confidence knowing that this won’t be the case.

There’s a simple fact that everyone should know before getting solar power in New York: The energy used to produce panels will be reproduced more than 100x over by the time that the panels are taken out of commission. Even if the energy used to make panels isn’t “clean”, the panels will still have a net environmental benefit.

And, when solar panels are no longer productive, the materials inside them can be recycled and put right back into the manufacturing industry. While not every component of a panel can be recycled, a large amount of the aluminum, copper, silver, and silicone can be.

A new paper published by the Colorado School of Mines finds that solar panels will produce about 8 million metric tons of waste by 2050, much of which will be recyclable. This compares to more than 250 million metric tons of municipal waste produced by America as a whole, every single year.

Solar panels are better for the environment, and they’re becoming more reliable and more durable. Solar power in New York comes with a 25-Year warranty on the panels, and most systems will last for 30 years or even longer. The sustainability of solar power in New York is of no real concern. The headlines, at least some of them, have misrepresented the facts.

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Battery Backup for Solar Panels is Highly Efficient

If you add battery backup for solar panels to your system, it will become even more reliable and versatile. The environmental benefits can also increase. Battery backup for a New York solar installation will allow you to harvest energy during the day and deploy it at night. This will reduce your reliance on the grid. Although New York takes a lot of its energy from renewable sources, much of the grid is powered by fuel oil. If you reduce the energy you take from the grid, you’ll improve the net environmental benefits of a New York solar installation.

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Solar is the most environmentally friendly way to power your home. It’s also one of the best ways to save money and reduce your living costs. Solar doesn’t just save money, you can generate a return from your investment over time.

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