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Solar Power Helped Texas Through a Recent Arctic Blast

Solar power in New York is widely utilized commercially and for homes, but much of the grid still relies on fuel oil and other non-renewable sources. Despite generous state and federal incentives, New York lags behind some other large states in terms of total solar utilization. Texas, for example, generates more solar electricity than any other state except California. And in Texas, much like New York, the grid is affected by seasonal weather changes. Solar helped Texas get through a recent arctic blast, avoiding a second energy crisis for the state. If you’re considering a solar system for home, the latest news from Texas could help you to put everything into perspective.

Texas Survives the Latest Arctic Blast

Texans were able to breathe a sigh of relief over Christmas. An arctic blast that sent temperatures plummeting wasn’t enough to crush the grid like it did last year. There were no major grid-based outages, and although some North Texans did lose electricity temporarily, it wasn’t widespread or severe enough to cause any major concern.

Solar power helped to keep the grid running. Solar is deployed privately at homes and businesses, as well as at grid-scale energy generation facilities. Texas increased solar capacity by 78% in 2022. The state now has a grid capacity of 13,744MW. During the recent arctic blast, just 1,700MW of solar units were offline, according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

There’s a lot that New York residents can take away from this. The news proves a few things…

  • Solar energy is effective for providing energy at a grid scale.
  • Solar can work effectively in severe weather conditions.
  • Solar should make up a significant portion of a state’s energy infrastructure.

While it would be ideal if New York could move to renewable energy entirely, the reality is that this isn’t going to happen until it becomes more feasible for grid operators. But even though the state still generates a lot of its electricity from non-renewable sources, you could make a difference with a solar system for home.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Why Should You Install a Solar System for Your Home?

Texas has diversified its energy sources so that it can have energy security. You can think about your home situation in similar terms. Installing solar power in New York will provide energy security for your home, as well as energy independence.

A solar system for home can benefit you in a few important areas…

  • Solar can improve the reliability of electricity at your home. If you get a New York solar installation with a battery backup system, you could effectively make your home immune to power outages on the grid.
  • Solar will reduce your carbon footprint because you’ll rely less on the electricity that comes from the grid.
  • Solar power for home will save you money. Your system will generate savings because you’ll spend less on electricity from the grid. The average system can pay for itself within the first decade when looking at the savings.
  • Solar power in New York is reliable. There’s virtually no maintenance aside from cleaning the panels. And, your New York solar installation will continue to produce electricity for at least 25 years. Most systems remain functional for up to 30 years.

There are obviously differences in the energy situation when comparing Texas to New York. However, the energy security that Texas enjoys with the help of solar can be likened to having solar panels on your rooftop. On a smaller scale, you can use solar energy to protect your home from unexpected events and problems on the grid.

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