Solar Battery Backup in Union Vale

Can You Go Off Grid with Solar Battery Backup in Union Vale?

Solar energy can provide you with energy independence in Dutchess County. Through savings, you’ll reduce your monthly utility bill and enjoy these savings over the 25 – 30 years lifetime of solar panels. If you’re thinking about getting solar, you’ve probably wondered about solar battery backup in Union Vale. Will battery backup for solar allow you to go completely off the grid? Learn about the advantages you could enjoy when you call a Union Vale solar battery backup installer and make the best decision for your family and your finances.

Will Solar Battery Backup in Union Vale Take You Off the Grid?

Some companies market solar power as a way to say goodbye to your utility company forever. But that’s not quite how it works in practice. Before we go further, let’s keep a few facts in mind.

  • Solar power in Dutchess County can save you money over time.
  • Most systems pay through within the first decade.
  • Battery backup for solar improves efficiency and adds redundancy.
  • You’ll still need the grid when you get installed with solar.

For the average family home, going completely off the grid isn’t feasible. But you can still enjoy energy independence when you get solar panels.

Your solar panels will power your home during the day. Excess electricity will charge battery backup for solar, and then send any surplus energy out to the grid. The energy that you send to the grid will spin your meter in reverse. In the evening when the meter spins forward (you’ll be taking electricity from the grid), that usage will be offset by the fact that you exported electricity during the day. This is a process known as Net Metering.

And, with solar in Union Vale New York, you’ll have other options to maximize your savings.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Battery Backup for Solar Can Eliminate Peak Rates

Electricity is more expensive during peak demand, typically in the evenings when families use appliances, lighting, and electronics in the home. When the sun goes down and your solar panels turn off, the cost of electricity is at its highest. This can be partially offset with Net Metering, but if you want the best possible savings, battery backup for solar will play an important role.

Energy stored in a solar battery system during the day can be deployed at peak times. This will limit your utility bills in the month because you’ll only need to import electricity later in the evening and through to the morning when the rates (and the demands of your home) are typically much lower.

Protection from Outages

When you get a backup system from a Union Vale solar battery backup installer, you’ll also have protection from outages. Your system can be configured to deploy electricity when the grid goes down. This will effectively isolate your home from the grid temporarily so that you can maximize the benefits of your solar panels and battery backup system.

With the best union vale solar battery backup installer, your system can be configured to both save you money and provide redundancy for when the grid goes down.

How Much Does a Solar Cost?

The benefits of getting started with a Union vale solar battery backup installer are significant. The next thing you need to ask is how much does a solar battery backup system cost.

The team at New York Power Solutions is ready to install your complete solar system including solar battery backup in Union Vale. We can provide free solar estimates based on satellite data. A solar battery system won’t take you completely off the grid, but you’ll have the next best thing. Reliable electricity, lower bills, and sustained savings over time throughout the lifetime of your panels and battery system. Get started today and enjoy clean and reliable electricity at your home.