Predicted Growth in Solar Panels for Sale

Predicted Growth in Solar Panels for Sale

Supply chain related costs have been a problem for the solar panel industry over the last two years. But the issues are now easing, and the cost of solar materials fell at the end of 2022. Analysts are optimistic that there will be increased demand for solar panels for sale, suggesting that 2023 will be another excellent year for the industry.

If you’re considering solar power in New York, now is the best time to start planning the switch.

There’s Recovery in the Supply Chains for Solar Panels for Sale

When considering any brand of solar panels for sale there’s a complex multinational supply chain behind every product. Disruptions to global supply chains and an increased cost for polysilicon had analysts worried in 2022. Rising equipment and shipping costs were expected to cause the cancellation or postponement of more than 50% of the current large-scale solar projects in development.

Now it looks like this will be averted. The supply chain issues are being worked through, especially as governments around the world learn to deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic. America is expanding its solar production capabilities, which will help to create security in one of the world’s largest solar markets.

The industry has an air of confidence and large investment firms like Goldman Sachs now believe that the solar installation industry will grow at a rate of 18% annually between now and 2026.

It’s good news for everyone involved in the industry. It’s also a reminder for homeowners. If you want to avoid a long waiting list for your New York solar installation, it’s time to get started.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

What’s the Best way to Initiate the New York Solar Installation Process?

You can start planning your New York solar installation with a free estimate from New York Power Solutions. Our initial estimate will be based on satellite data and is generally very accurate. After this, we can arrange for a site visit to inspect your home and roof.

Our technicians will determine if your home is ready for solar, estimate solar production, and prepare a cost/benefit analysis.

We’ll consult with you to talk about your energy needs, look at your recent bills, and predict the potential savings over time.

The decision to get a New York solar installation should be based on strong data. Solar has the potential to generate significant savings by reducing the amount of electricity that you need to draw from the grid. Our cost/benefit analysis is a key factor in your decision.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

The Demand for Solar Power in New York Will Increase

Countless families are looking for installers and solar panels for sale today. With generous state and federal solar tax incentives, now is one of the most affordable times in recent memory to get solar power in New York. As more people start planning for solar, wait times for installation will increase.

At New York Power Solutions we keep our lead times low by carefully managing our supplier relationships and our contractors. But with skyrocketing demand, wait times are likely to extend in the short term.

Getting started with your estimate today will ensure that the turnaround on your installation is as short as possible. New York Power Solutions works to ensure that customers aren’t kept waiting for weeks or months on end.

Learn About the Cost of Solar Panels for Sale

Get your free solar estimate in New York, and work with the team that has connected more than 5,000 customers so far. New York Power Solutions offers the best solar panels for sale, fully integrated into reliable systems that can provide decades of savings. Solar is one of the best decisions you can make for the future of your family.