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The Future of Clean Solar Panels – News from your New York Solar Panel Installers

Like all exterior surfaces of your home, solar panels get dirty. Even with the best solar panel installers in New York, and the highest-quality panels, you will need a cleaning service when solar panels become dirty enough to reduce efficiency. New York Power Solutions can help by coordinating cleaning visits for solar power in New York. And, in the future, new coatings could make solar panel cleaning obsolete.

The Latest Technology for Clean Solar Panels

New research has emerged this month, suggesting that the future of solar power in New York and elsewhere will be much cleaner. We’re not talking about the environmental impact, but the cleanliness of the panel surfaces.

Researchers have developed a new coating for solar panels that repels water, while also removing dirt.

When surfaces are hydrophobic, it means that they repel and prevent mixing with water. Your smartphone has a hydrophobic coating, which is what makes the surface feel clean and smooth, no matter how many times your finger runs across the glass.

The latest technology could mean that solar panels are coated with a similar hydrophobic material. The latest research has identified a type of coating that is hydrophobic in its natural state, and ultra-hydrophobic when exposed to UV light. The coating would help solar panels to naturally clean themselves when exposed to rain or water manually applied with a hose. Water droplets that accumulate and then repel from the surface would pick up dirt and other debris to leave panels clean and efficient.

This could significantly change the way that solar panels are cleaned by solar panel installers and maintenance companies. Rainwater and condensation would naturally clean solar panels without any intervention. In dry seasons, simply spraying solar panels could keep them clean without the need to agitate the surfaces or use detergents.

For solar power in New York, it could significantly cut down on maintenance, while also improving the eco-friendly nature of solar panels by reducing the need to use municipal water and chemical detergents.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Keeping Things Clean After Your New York Solar Installation

Current solar panels do have hydrophobic properties, although it’s not enough to keep panels completely clean without intervention. After your New York solar installation, you will need regular cleaning to keep your panels efficient. This type of service can be included in a maintenance plan, and it’s probably the only type of solar panel maintenance that you will need to perform over the lifetime of your panels.

The team at New York Power Solutions can coordinate with you to provide regular cleaning after your New York Solar Installation. While some systems will need yearly cleaning, most homes will only need cleaning every three to five years. It depends on where you live, and how exposed your panels are to dust and debris.

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