Cost for Solar Panel System

There’s No Cost for Solar Panel System Estimates

It’s unfortunate that we have to protect ourselves from bad actors in the energy market. While not unique to any particular industry, scams are still damaging to the wider economy, and of course to homeowners. Just this week, Austin Energy, a major provider of electricity in Texas, had to warn its customers of an individual who was visiting homes, claiming to be a city worker to gain entry. The individual allegedly approached a homeowner under the premise of providing information about solar panels. For your safety, if you are interested in solar power in New York, you should never let a contractor into your home without seeing proper ID, especially if the visit is unsolicited. At New York Power Solutions, we don’t require entry to your home to provide a free estimate. And, most importantly, there’s no cost for solar panel system estimates, so you should avoid any company that asks for a payment upfront.

Avoiding Bad Actors When You Want Solar Power in New York

The easiest way to avoid scams and protect yourself is to insist on a reputable local company for solar power in New York. Reputation is important, so you can take a look at reviews or even ask friends and family about solar providers that they’re familiar with.

Another way to determine if you can trust a company is to ask if they’re approved by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

New York Power Solutions is an approved NYSERDA Quality Installer, indicating that we meet the highest standards for trust, customer service, and technical experience.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

No Cost for Solar Panel System Estimates

As mentioned, you should also avoid any company that attributes a cost for solar panel system estimates. An estimate for a New York solar installation should be completely free of charge. Furthermore, there’s no need to physically visit the property for an initial estimate.

Our team uses up-to-date satellite data for ballpark solar estimates. We will then arrange a site visit with you to inspect your rooftop and survey your property to check that your home is suitable for solar. It’s important to note that this work will be performed outside of your home.

Our contractors are fully vetted and trained to provide estimates and New York solar installation services. We frequently review and upskill our technicians to ensure that you get the best service.

More Than Just an Estimate with New York Power Solutions

Our estimates are valuable for determining the cost of solar, but we go beyond that with our cost/benefit analysis report. This will put your potential solar investment into context. You’ll be able to determine savings over time, giving you a better picture of what your finances would look like whether you pay for your panels outright, or take advantage of our no money down financing.

New York Power Solutions makes it easier to switch to solar. With a company that you can trust, you’ll enjoy a stress-free experience. We even take care of the solar installation permits once you’re ready to move forward.

Choose a Trusted Installer for Solar Power in New York

You’ll never be asked to pay a cost for solar panel system estimates and advice when you work with the best contractor in New York. We’ve installed more than 5,000 solar systems as of 2023.

Get your free estimate for New York solar installation and have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a respected solar company with decades of experience in the industry.