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Should You Get Home Battery Backup from a Brewster Solar Company?

Home battery backup is an option when you install solar in Brewster NY. With batteries, your system will have enhanced reliability and the potential for bigger savings. How do you know if you need battery backup when you work with a Brewster solar company?

Here’s a simple guide so you can decide before you install solar in Brewster NY.

What is Home Battery Backup?

You can add battery backup to a solar panel system to add versatility and redundancy. Home battery backup, also known simply as a battery wall, is an additional device (sometimes devices) added when you install solar in Brewster NY.

Your Brewster solar company will determine if you need a backup system based on your average usage patterns, your budget, and the solar potential of your home.

The rechargeable battery system stores energy generated by your solar panels and can then deploy that energy when it is needed. Depending on how it is configured.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

How Your Brewster Solar Company Can Protect Your Home from Outages

One of the most beneficial aspects of a battery backup system for solar is that it will protect your home from outages.

In a standard system without backup, solar panels will provide power to the home during the day, and any excess energy produced will be exported to the grid. The exported energy can improve your savings by spinning your meter in reverse and offsetting the energy that you import at night.

However, a standard setup does have a downside. Because everything is connected to the grid, if the grid goes down, so will your solar system. Solar panels shut off and your home stops exporting when there’s an outage. This protects the grid as well as the people working on it. If your home were still live, it would leak electricity back to the grid which could harm the restoration work, or cause serious injury.

When your Brewster solar company installs a battery backup system, your home will be able to isolate from the grid and run from stored energy while there’s an outage. This means that you can keep things running even if the rest of your street or even the whole town is offline. This can be particularly useful during storms or unplanned network events.

How You Can Save Money with Batteries When You Install Solar in Brewster NY

We mentioned how savings work by exporting energy to the grid and reducing your reliance on imported energy. If you install solar in Brewster NY with a backup system, the savings can get even better.

This is because the system won’t just provide backup. It can also be configured to deploy electricity at night when rates are higher. If you deploy from your battery during peak times, you’ll buy less energy from the grid. And, when you do buy energy, it will be at lower rates.

This is particularly helpful if, like most families, most of your electricity consumption occurs in the afternoons and in the evenings when most people return home from work. You’ll leverage solar energy stored in your battery system so that your bill is lower.

This can increase the savings over time but this has to be kept in the context of the additional cost added by installing a battery system. With New York Power Solutions, you’ll get a detailed solar consultation and a cost/benefit analysis. We can help you to determine if the savings provided by a battery will be worth the additional cost.

We can install solar in Brewster NY to be reliable and affordable, and we will only recommend add-ons like battery backup if it makes sense in your unique circumstances.

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