Home Solar Estimate in Deerpark

The Best Way to Get a Home Solar Estimate in Deerpark

Your home in Orange County can become more affordable and more efficient when you install Deerpark solar. With panels on your roof, you’ll rely less on the grid to enjoy significant savings over time. If you add a solar battery system, you could even improve reliability with a solution that kicks in when the grid goes down. With the rising cost of electricity in New York, Deerpark solar simply makes sense. A home solar estimate in Deerpark is the best way to get started. Learn why New York Power Solutions is the best company for your free home solar estimate.

Satellite Data for a Home Solar Estimate in Deerpark

Your initial free home solar estimate in Deerpark will be based on satellite data. We use the most up-to-date imagery to look at the size of your rooftop, its position, and its proximity to any shade structures. We’ll use the data to develop an initial estimate, with surprising accuracy.

With this initial estimate, you can decide if you want to proceed to the next step. We’ll get started on your free energy savings evaluation and will schedule an on-site visit to check that your home is ready for a solar installation.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Detailed Site Estimate After Your Free Home Solar Estimate

A technician will visit your home for a detailed estimate. At this step, we’ll use drone technology and a physical inspection to determine all the major details of the installation. We’ll consider your average electrical bill, the size of your family, and the size of your home to determine how many solar panels you will need.

We’ll look at the condition of your roof to see if it’s suited to solar panels. Generally, if your roof is within five years of its replacement age, then it’s best to get it changed before the panels go up. We can take care of roofing replacement. Our technicians have decades of experience in the solar and roofing industries.

We’ll also consider the shade structures around your home to determine the best panel layout and placement. Buildings can interfere with the output of solar panels, but this isn’t usually an issue in residential areas. The biggest concern will be the trees that surround your home. Depending on their position, these may need to be removed or trimmed to get the maximum output from solar panels.

We’ll prepare a detailed report and a final estimate, but we don’t stop there. Our team will also provide you with a cost/benefit analysis for home solar in Orange County. This is one of the most important things you’ll get during the process, and it’s something that sets us apart from other solar installers in New York.

The cost/benefit analysis will put your investment into context. It will predict savings over time based on your home and the expected output of the solar installation. You’ll be able to see the returns that are available with solar. The cost/benefit analysis will help you to determine if Deerpark solar is worth it in the long term.

Options for Home Solar in Deerpark

You can choose to get home solar in Deerpark with or without a battery backup system. The installation cost will be lower without a battery, but you might be able to get greater savings if you do add a battery. This can all be determined during your consultation and the advantages will be outlined in the cost/benefit analysis.

  • A solar battery backup system can store energy during the day and deploy it at night when grid rates are at their peak. This can improve savings over time.
  • You can charge an EV from a battery system at night to reduce the cost of charging compared to using electricity from the grid.
  • With a smart switching system, your solar battery can also turn on when there’s a grid outage, isolating your home from the network and ensuring that your lights and appliances stay on.

You can learn about battery options and sizes when you get your free estimate and consultation from New York Power Solutions.

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Get Started with the Best Local Solar Installers

The best way to get a home solar estimate in Deerpark is to start online. Get your free Orange County solar estimate from New York Power Solutions. We’ll help you to determine if solar is right for your home, and we’ll take care of you from the first step, through to installation, and throughout the lifetime of your solar panels. With the best solar installer in New York, you can switch to renewable energy the easy way.