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The Advantages of a Larchmont Solar Battery Backup System

As you consider solar power for your home, the option to install a Larchmont solar battery backup system will come up. Many families choose to install solar batteries to improve the savings they enjoy from solar. A battery system can also improve reliability and versatility.

Solar is one of the most powerful investments that you will ever make in your home. Adding a battery could improve the benefits you get from solar. Here are the reasons why you should consider adding battery storage when you get solar with New York Power Solutions.

A Larchmont Solar Battery Backup System Can Improve Overall Savings

The key reason to install a solar system is to save money on your monthly utility bills. Solar can significantly offset the cost of powering your home, by providing most of the energy that you need during the day. With a Net Metering agreement with your utility company, you can also export excess electricity to the grid to spin your meter in reverse and generate credits if you export more than you consume at the end of a billing period.

With a solar battery system, you can increase your savings even more. You could store excess electricity that you generate, and then use it in the evenings when utility rates are higher. Not every home needs a battery system but for most households, it will make sense. Our team can project savings relative to costs so that you can make an informed decision.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Your Solar Battery Installer in Larchmont is also a Solar Panel Installer

You can combine your solar panel installation with your solar battery installation. The jobs will be seamless when you choose an experienced solar installer in New York.

Our team is experienced, with more than 5,000 installations completed to date. We are your ideal choice when you want the best solar battery installer in Larchmont NY.

When you install solar and a battery system at the same time, the system will be fully integrated to ensure maximum efficiency and the best possible savings. But, even if you already have solar at home, you could add a battery backup system to generate savings and enjoy all of the benefits of solar panels combined with a battery energy storage system.

You Can Apply Tax Credits and Incentives to the Installation

Even with prices coming down in recent years, the outright cost to install solar panels and a battery system is significant. This investment will pay off over time in savings, but for most families, paying for everything upfront isn’t a realistic option.

The team at New York Power Solutions can help you to get a cost-efficient solution with no money down financing and an interest-free period. Expected tax credits can be put towards solar financing, and these credits as well as other incentives can be applied to the total bill for batteries and panels combined.

You Can Keep Things Running if There’s a Power Outage

A battery system won’t just save you money. It will also ensure that you have power in an emergency. Most solar systems shut down when the grid is out. This protects grid workers and equipment from the electricity that would otherwise flow back from private rooftop solar systems.

When you have a solar battery, the system can be configured to isolate when the grid is down. You can then use stored electricity to power your home. During the design stage, you’ll choose which circuits are backed up by the battery system. This could include lighting, key appliances, and some outlets used for household electronics, cell phones, or your internet equipment.

When you have a solar battery, you’ll have backup power no matter what’s happening on the utility network.

How Much Does a Solar Battery Backup System Cost?

You know the benefits, now you have one key question. How much does a solar battery backup system cost? You can start with your free solar estimate in New York, followed by a detailed consultation and cost/benefit analysis. We’ll look at your home in Larchmont NY, your unique needs, and ensure that you get the best system proposed at a price that you can afford. To learn more about solar battery backup, talk to the experts in New York.