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These are the Top 3 Reasons to Install Patterson NY Solar

2022 was one of the biggest years ever for residential solar. There was a 40% growth year-on-year growth in demand, helped by the fact that solar is now more affordable than ever. In total, 20.2 gigawatts of solar was installed across the nation last year. That’s enough to power 25 million homes! To say that the demand for solar is booming would be an understatement. We’re seeing one of the biggest energy revolutions in history. If you’re considering Patterson NY solar for your home, now is a great time to get started. If you’re still on the fence, here are the reasons that a Patterson solar installation simply makes sense.

Patterson NY Solar is More Affordable

You probably know that solar can save you money. It’s one of the most marketed benefits of going solar. Households save money by reducing their demand on the electrical grid. This means smaller monthly bills and significant savings over time.

Your home will be more affordable to run when you have solar panels on your rooftop. It’s as simple as that.

  • During the day, your home will be powered by the panels on your rooftop.
  • Most homes use less electricity during the day. The excess will be exported to the grid.
  • The energy you export will spin your meter in reverse.
  • If you export more than you import in a month, your utility account will be credited.

With net metering, you can offset the electricity that you take from the grid in the evenings. Considering that the cost of electricity in New York is outlandishly high and steadily rising, solar is an investment that can get better over time.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Financing for Patterson Solar Installation Has Never Been Better

Another reason to install solar is that financing is so easy to access. The cost of solar has decreased by as much as 99% in the last four decades when considering efficiency and output. Solar panels have literally never been more affordable.

Even so, the upfront cost is comparable to other major home improvements, so most families choose to finance the installation.

New York Power Solutions is a team of the best solar installers in Patterson NY. We work with Sungage Financial for residential solar financing. There are a few benefits to choosing the top Patterson solar installation company and the top financing company in New York.

  • You can get solar with no money down. An initial interest-free period will be based on incoming tax credits.
  • The second loan can be customized with a term of your choosing. You can adjust the length to ensure that repayments are manageable.
  • The second loan will be offered with a competitive interest rate.

You’ll still enjoy a great return on your investment when you finance your Patterson solar installation. We’re ready to get started with your Patterson home solar estimate.

You’ll Know What You’re In For Before You Commit

One thing that makes folks anxious about Patterson NY solar is knowing how much they could save. Most people understand that solar saves money over time, but some installers are vague about the actual benefits.

With the best solar installers in Patterson NY, you’ll get all of the information you need to make a great decision. We start with a free Patterson home solar estimate. Following this, we’ll perform a detailed site estimate at your home. You’ll get a free energy savings evaluation as well as a complete cost/benefit analysis report.

This report is one of the most important aspects of your decision to go solar. You’ll see what you could save over time, put into context with the cost of installation.

Talk to the Best for Your Patterson Home Solar Estimate

Are you ready to learn more? Going solar is one of the best decisions you could ever make as a homeowner. Your free solar estimate is available with New York Power Solutions.

Get Patterson NY solar, enjoy savings and more benefits, and you’ll love your more affordable and energy-efficient home.