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Home Solar in West Haverstraw is Perfect if You Work from Home

If you’re one of the millions of people who work from home in New York, you might have noticed some negative effects of telecommuting. One thing that many people don’t consider when freelancing, remote working for a company, or starting a home business, is that the cost of electricity can increase significantly. If you’re working out of a home office, you’ll be using heating and cooling more, and you’ll generally put more strain on your electricity bill. Home solar in West Haverstraw could help offset this increased demand for electricity.

New York solar panels produce electricity during the day. Usually, homes have less demand for electricity at this time, but if you’re working at home for even one or two days a week, your case could be different. Instead of taking all your electricity from the grid at ludicrous rates, you could run your home office with solar power in New York.

Will Solar Power in New York Power Your Entire Home?

It’s possible that on some of the best sunshine days of the year, New York solar panels will take care of most or all your daytime electricity consumption. This depends on your average consumption and the size of the system that you install.

But even if you still need to take some electricity from the grid, New York solar panels will still help you to save money.

In most cases, folks in New York don’t use solar to provide all the electricity a home needs. Instead, home solar in West Haverstraw and other places is designed to reduce grid consumption, therefore reducing the monthly electricity bill. The savings add up over time, eventually allowing the system to pay for itself, and then generating a profit after this.

If you work from home and have a higher average electricity consumption than a typical family home, then your solar pay-through period might be a little longer. Even so, in almost every case, an investment in New York solar will generate a return.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Power Your Home Office

Your home office is probably already quite efficient. Modern desktop computers and laptops use less electricity thanks to excellent efficiency. Lighting, printers, peripherals, and other devices in your office probably aren’t responsible for a significant portion of your electric bill.

The biggest contributor is likely to be your HVAC system. Whether you’re heating in the winter or cooling in the summer, working from home could cause your heating and cooling costs to almost double compared to if you and your family were out during the daytime.

This might be offset by the fact that you no longer have to commute to work, but you could save a whole lot more with solar panels on your rooftop.

How Much Will You Save?

There’s an easy way to learn how much you could save with home solar in West Haverstraw.

Talk to the team at New York Power Solutions. We’ll get started with a free New York solar estimate, based on satellite data. From there, we can start the consultation process and arrange for a site visit to your home to determine the final solar estimate.

  • We will consider your electricity usage patterns to predict how much you can save over time.
  • We’ll look at your roof to make sure that it’s ready for solar panels.
  • We will provide a complete cost breakdown.
  • We’ll then prepare a cost/benefit analysis so you can evaluate the real value of going solar.

The cost/benefit analysis is the key piece of information that you’ll get before deciding if solar will make a difference for your home. It will look at the cost of the installation in context with the predicted savings over time. You wouldn’t want to make any investment without having the right data. That’s why we provide all of this for free as part of our SMART Solar Program.

At New York Power Solutions, we provide the information, you make the choice.

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