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Solar Electric Power Has Hit a New Milestone in New York

New York is one of the National leaders in solar electric power production, ranking 8th for total solar capacity. The growth of solar in the State, especially at a grassroots level, has been nothing short of phenomenal. A significant amount of total solar generation in the State comes from home rooftops. When you get solar power in New York, you’ll be making an important contribution to America’s energy transition.

A new milestone was reached at the end of last month. According to data from the New York Independent System Operator, a non-profit that manages the State’s electricity grid, solar panels can now supply up to 20% of New York’s total electricity demand.

A Strong Sign of Progress

Solar energy is promoted as a clean and affordable way to power homes, businesses, and the grid. New York makes extensive use of renewable energy including hydroelectric sources. However, fuel oil is still used for some plants, including those that power New York City and the areas around it. Solar energy is a viable alternative, especially in suburban and medium-density areas.

Solar is renewable in the sense that sunlight is abundant, and the sun has more than 7 billion years of life left in it. There are no emissions generated by solar panels. Although it takes a significant amount of energy to produce solar panels, more than 100x the production energy can be created throughout each panel’s lifetime.

While most people will see the value in using clean energy sources, there’s also an economic factor. The relative affordability of solar panels, generous State and Federal solar tax credits, State incentives, and significant utility bill savings have helped to convince homeowners to make the switch.

When breaking it down to simple facts, there’s no good reason not to use solar electric power for homes. Solar is simply more affordable, more reliable, and better for the environment.

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Are You Thinking About Switching to Solar Power in New York?

If you are considering making the switch to solar power in New York, there are some key points that you should consider…

  • A New York solar installation will save you money by reducing your reliance on the grid. You’ll generate much of your daily electricity from rooftop panels, so you’ll owe less to the utility company every month.
  • Solar can improve reliability. If you install a solar battery backup system, you can say goodbye to outages.
  • Tax credits and incentives make solar surprisingly affordable, and you can even finance solar with no money down and an interest-free period based on tax credits.
  • Solar provides a significant and long-lasting return on investment. Panels last an average of 25 to 30 years. You’ll get a warranty on your panels when you get a New York solar installation. The team at New York Power Solutions offers 25 years of warranty coverage with ongoing service and support.
  • The savings generated from solar typically cover the cost of the system within the first ten years. After this, the savings are yours to enjoy in full.

Solar is suitable for most homes in New York, but you don’t have to risk anything in the hope of generating a return. Before you sign a contract for your New York solar installation, our team will provide you with a detailed cost/benefit report based on factors like your average bill, your energy consumption, and the solar potential of your home.

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