Free Solar Estimate in Wallkill

Five Simple Steps to Install Solar in Red Hook NY

When you want to save money with solar, the team at New York Power Solutions is ready to get started. You can install solar in Red Hook NY, and enjoy the benefits for years to come. Going beyond the savings, you can also enjoy cleaner and more reliable energy at home.

The process to get installed is simple when you choose a trusted Red Hook solar company. Learn how our team takes you from estimate to ownership and get started on the process today.

1-. Your Free Home Solar Estimate and Consultation

It all begins with your free home solar estimate. You can get an initial estimate online based on current satellite data. If you like the data, then we’ll proceed with a consultation to ensure that you understand the benefits of solar. Most families can save money when they install solar in Red Hook NY, although there are rare cases where solar isn’t feasible. Our team values honesty and transparency. We will only recommend solar installation when it makes financial and practical sense for the homeowner.

Like more than 5,000 satisfied customers so far, you can trust New York Power Solutions for the most honest and informative consultations.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

2-. On-Site Survey from an Experienced Red Hook Solar Company

Our solar roofing experts have decades of combined experience, ensuring that you get the most detailed information before you decide to install solar. After the initial consultation, we’ll visit your home for an on-site survey. A physical inspection will ensure that your home is ready for solar. We’ll look at the shade structures around your rooftop and the condition of your roof.

Using predictive modeling and the information we collect, we’ll generate a cost/benefit report. This is one of the most helpful pieces of information you’ll receive in the process. It will project savings in the years to come so that you can put these into context with the total cost of switching to solar power.

3-. We Take care of Planning, Design, and Permits

We are a fully integrated solar company. All the planning and engineering are performed in-house. With just one company managing the entire process, you will only have to talk to a single point of contact. This makes everything straightforward.

We also take care of the finer details, like permitting for your solar installation in Red Hook NY. You’ll only need to fill out forms once. We’ll get the necessary permits processed, and this is relatively quick, thanks to our experience and the quality of our designs and drawings.

You won’t face setbacks when you choose the most experienced Red Hook solar company.

4-. The Installation Only Takes a Day

Once the planning is done and the permits are in place, we’ll go ahead and schedule your installation. This will be set for a time and day that is convenient for you. The actual physical installation can be completed in a day. It usually takes just half a day for a standard residential system.

We install solar to the highest industry standards, using the best equipment from our partners and suppliers. We are authorized Tesla Solar installers and can also develop custom systems using equipment from companies like Q Cells, LG, Panasonic, Generac, and others.

Your system will be designed to suit your needs, so the equipment and brands will vary depending on this. You’ll know exactly what’s going onto your rooftop and into your home before the installation is scheduled.

All our rooftop solar panels are covered by a 25 Year Warranty.

5-. The Home Welcome Meeting

Once it’s all done, we’ll have a welcome meeting in your home to introduce you to your system and how it works. We’ll get you set up with solar monitoring apps so that you can track system performance in real time.

We are your solar partner for the long term. We’ll be available to provide support throughout the lifetime of your solar panels.

Get an Estimate and Learn More About Solar Financing in Red Hook

One of the best things about choosing solar is that you can get solar financing in Red Hook with no money down. An interest-free loan will be based on expected State and Federal solar tax credits. The rest of the bill is then applied to a second loan, which can be customized so that your repayments are manageable.

Solar panels last an average of 25 to 30 years, ensuring that the savings generate a strong return on investment. Most systems will pay through in savings within ten years. After this, the savings go right back to you. Ready to learn more? Get your free solar estimate and install solar in Red Hook NY with the most experienced local contractors.