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What Type of Roofing Material can Solar Panels be Installed On?

Solar panels are designed to be installed on your home’s rooftop, providing clean energy for you and your family. With solar power in New York, you can enjoy significant savings over time, with a sizeable return on your original investment. As you consider solar for your home, you probably have some important questions to ask. Our team is ready to answer them. One of the most common questions is: what type of roofing material can solar panels be installed on?

Let’s answer this and get you ready for your free solar estimate and energy savings evaluation.

Solar Power in New York and Your Rooftop

Your New York solar installation will be performed by experts with decades of experience in the roofing industry. We take steps to ensure that your roof is protected, including using our low-penetration racking and flashing.

It’s possible to get New York solar installation on almost any rooftop. Providing that the roof is in good condition, our installers will safely and securely mount efficient and durable solar panels.

Compatible roofing types include:

  • Asphalt shingles.
  • Clay tiles.
  • Slate tiles.
  • Rubber membrane.
  • Concrete.
  • Wood.
  • Metal.
  • Flat and pitched roofing.

In some cases, there may need to be an additional frame and mounting for solar panels, such as in the case of flat roofing. Whatever the scenario, our professional installers will evaluate the rooftop and provide you with an estimate and details on how the panels will be mounted.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Should You Replace Your Roof Before Getting Solar?

Solar panels last around 25 to 30 years when installed professionally. This is consistent with the best roofing materials. So, if your roof is approaching its age of replacement, it’s best to have the roof replaced before the solar panels go up. This will help to keep costs down and prevent extensive work to remove solar panels when replacing your roofing in a couple of years.

Because New York Power Solutions is a fully integrated solar roofing company, we can take care of the roof replacement in-house. If you think your roof might need to be replaced before getting panels, you can talk to us for a detailed on-site evaluation and estimate.

Do Critters Interfere with Solar Panels?

Solar panels are mounted low to the roof, but there is still some risk of critters getting underneath them. Our team can install critter guards to prevent critters and birds from getting under your panels and nesting there. This will prevent your roof from damage while also protecting your solar panels and protecting critters from potential injury.

Keep critters away from your panels and off your roof with our attention-detailed solar installation service.

What Type of Roofing Material can Solar Panels be Installed On? The Bottom Line

You’ve asked the question: what type of roofing material can solar panels be installed on? You’ve learned that solar panels are suited to virtually any roof type. Now it’s time to learn if solar is right for your home.

Get your free solar estimate from New York Power Solutions. With a detailed consultation process, you can learn about solar and savings for your home and have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with the best installers in the industry. Contact New York’s solar panel experts today.