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Tesla Solar Introduces New Powerwall EV Charging Feature

If you’re considering solar power in New York, Tesla Solar is one of the most reliable options available. Tesla has developed a fully integrated solar panel and battery backup system, and there’s even a new feature designed especially for Tesla electric vehicles.

Here’s the latest news that could affect your upcoming New York solar installation.

Tesla Solar Improves Sustainability for Your EV

A new feature in the Powerwall App has the potential to make Tesla EVs more environmentally friendly and more affordable to run.

Powerwall is Tesla’s battery backup system, which stores excess solar production during the day so that it can be deployed in your home. The battery system can also provide emergency power when the grid is down.

Using a solar battery during peak hours can make your utility bill even smaller. You could also use the Tesla Powerwall to charge your EV. The latest feature in the Powerwall App allows for a setting called Charge on Solar. This feature will ensure that your EV is exclusively charged by stored solar electricity. It could reduce the daily running costs of your EV because you’ll only use free solar energy rather than the grid. It can also reduce your environmental impact, leaving your home and your EV with a smaller carbon footprint.

The new feature can be seamlessly integrated with existing modes on the Powerwall, ensuring that you don’t get caught out with an empty solar battery.

  • With its always-online functionality, the Powerwall can prioritize emergency energy storage when there are severe weather warning alerts.
  • If the Powerwall charge is low, it will prioritize recharging before it deploys electricity to your EV.
  • When necessary, you can configure time-based control so your EV will only charge from the Powerwall at specific times of the day.
  • If the grid is down, your Powerwall will isolate your home from the wider network, allowing the charging of your EV and powering of your home from stored energy.

Tesla Solar is one option for renewable energy at your home. The excellent integration between the Powerwall and the solar panels makes it a good choice if you already have a Tesla EV, or plan to get one soon.

There are also other solutions available if you don’t need Tesla’s new feature. New York Power Solutions provides a range of options including Generac and Panasonic solar battery backup solutions. We design solar systems to suit the unique needs of the homeowner. Our partnerships with Tesla and other leading brands mean that you can get the best solar solution no matter your scenario, preference, or budget.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

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A free estimate is the first step towards getting solar power in New York. The team at New York Power Solutions will provide an initial ballpark solar estimate based on satellite data. From there, you can proceed with an energy savings evaluation and schedule an on-site survey for a roof inspection and final estimate.

We’ll even provide you with a cost/benefit comparison for your New York Solar Installation. This report will put everything into context, showing you how your investment could pay off over time.

With some great solar incentives and tax credits, as well as our no-money-down financing, it has never been easier to make the switch to solar at home. Are you ready to get started? Whether you choose Tesla Solar or another system option, our team makes it simple to get solar power in New York.