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Innovative Remote Power Solar Can Detect Wildfires

Power solar technologies can be used to energize homes and the grid. Solar is also finding innovative uses that could save lives in the coming years. As you learn more about solar power in New York for your home, you’ll find that solar technologies are used in many novel ways to solve problems that have, until now, been impossible.

Most recently, a company called Dryad Networks announced an AI wildfire detection system that uses micro solar panels to remotely monitor woodlands for combustion gases. Learn how it works as you get ready for your home solar installation with the experts at New York Power Solutions.

How Can Innovative Power Solar Tech Prevent Deadly Wildfires?

The problem with wildfires is that they are often out of control before they are detected. By the time that responders start fighting the fires, the flames and heat could already be threatening lives, homes, and critical infrastructure.

Dryad Networks has developed advanced power solar tech that makes it possible to detect wildfires even when people aren’t around to see them. Sensors are around the size of a portable videogame console, have integrated solar panels, and work remotely to detect fires. Each sensor can cover the size of a football field.

The sensors are placed high in the trees, around 10 feet off the ground. Each sensor connects back to a monitoring system as part of an AI network. This allows Dryad Networks and other operators to detect fires when they start, track their movements, and make the right decisions for emergency responders.

This type of technology could help to prevent wildfires from getting completely out of control. Because the system can track the spread of wildfires, it can also inform responders and government agencies when it’s necessary to evacuate nearby residents. Overall, it should help to ensure better allocation of resources with minimal damage and casualties.

Without solar power, it would be almost impossible to have a system like this. Solar power allows sensors to function without connecting cables, bringing down the cost and improving reliability while minimizing deployment time.

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You Can Draw Some Parallels to Solar Power in New York

Some of those benefits might sound familiar to you. A New York solar installation is also available to bring down costs while improving reliability at your home. The difference is that your system will provide electricity to your home, rather than detect fires. Add a battery backup system, and solar will improve reliability while giving you emergency power when the grid goes down.

Rooftop solar panels are quite different from those used on the devices that detect wildfires. However, they share DNA in the sense that they generate free electricity from the sun to achieve critical tasks.

Your New York solar installation will result in smaller bills, savings that can last up to 30 years, and a strong return on investment. And, because your panels won’t be in a harsh environment like a dense forest, you’ll have confidence knowing that they’ll last for decades. An installation with New York Power Solutions comes with a 25-year warranty for rooftop solar panels.

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