Solar Energy Installation

Lightweight Solar Energy Installations Could Change the Industry

When considering solar power in New York, the panels used are designed to be stable without damaging your rooftop. This isn’t the same for some other applications, and it has been a problem for getting solar into more industries. Take solar powered cars as an example. Today, there are very few solar powered cars. Those that do have panels can only get limited range when running from them. Primarily, they must be charged from outlets or solar charging stations. New technology for solar energy installation could change this. Researchers have discovered aa manufacturing process that could make solar panels light enough for applications that aren’t feasible today.

The Latest Solar Panel Technology is Impressive

At a recent event in Las Vegas, a new solar company from Indiana revealed its glass-less solar panels with an eye on the future. These panels weigh 70% less than conventional panels and could be the future of the industry in specialist applications.

These panels won’t change anything for your home New York solar installation. Structurally, our current solar panels are the best option for rooftops because they need to be strong enough to resist wind, hail, snow, and debris. However, for specialist applications like solar roofing on cars, lightweight panels could make a huge difference.

The lightweight solar energy installation technology is young, and it hasn’t been proven, but it could be a gamechanger if it proves to be resilient. The developer, Bila Solar, hopes to adapt its technology to be used for some types of industrial roofing, vehicles, and industrial equipment. It says that the technology has limitless applications, but this is yet to be seen.

Even without knowing how this story will play out, having lightweight solar panels will benefit many industries. Beyond electric vehicles, these panels could be used on boats, automated farming hardware like robotic harvesters, and it would even be a suitable option for solar in space, providing that the technology can be made to resist the conditions.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

How Advanced is the Technology Used for New York Solar Installation?

Panels used for your home New York solar installation won’t be as lightweight, but they’ll still be technically impressive. Current panels are more efficient than ever before, so the return on investment is strong. In New York, the average system can pay for itself through savings generated. It typically takes around ten years for this to happen, and panels last for up to 30 years.

The solar panels we use in New York are also incredibly durable (which is where some of the extra weight comes from). This means that you can install panels on your rooftop and not worry about the weather. Besides cleaning to keep them free of dust and grime, your solar panels won’t need any maintenance.

At New York Power Solutions we use low-penetration racking and flashing which secures solar panels without damaging residential rooftops. You can have confidence knowing that the current technology is mature enough to provide you with reliable and affordable solar power in New York.

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