Solar Battery Backup System in Greenville NY

Adding a Solar Battery Backup System in Greenville NY

If you already have solar panels in Westchester County, you’ll enjoy the savings they provide. With smaller utility bills, solar offers a great return on your investment. A standard rooftop system can more than pay for itself over its 25 to 30-year lifetime. It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your home. Even if you’ve had solar for a few years, there’s a way to improve your system. Adding a solar battery backup system in Greenville NY will improve reliability and energy independence. Most importantly, a home battery backup system can deliver more savings.

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Never Too Late to Install a Battery Energy Storage System

A battery energy storage system, also called a solar battery, can be added to any functioning solar system. It’s never too late to install a battery energy storage system but it’s best to do it within the first five to ten years of getting solar panels.

This is because you’ll get the most value when your solar panels are at their most efficient. Solar panels are most efficient within the first 15 years of ownership. You’ll still generate savings after that time but at a slightly slower rate.

A solar battery backup system in Greenville NY will complement your solar panels by giving you options to store and deploy electricity in a variety of ways.

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How a Home Battery Backup System Works

The best way to think of a home battery backup system is as a clean energy storage device. With solar panels, you’ll already know that your system only produces electricity during the day. At night, you’ll get electricity from the grid.

You might have also noticed that your electricity still goes down during a blackout. This is because solar panels shut down to prevent electricity from leaking out into the grid. This could damage equipment during an outage, or cause injury to workers on the lines.

A home battery backup system improves efficiency in a variety of scenarios.

  • During the daytime, your solar panels will charge your battery system before sending energy out to the grid and spinning your meter in reverse.
  • The stored energy can be deployed in several ways depending on the configuration.
  • At night, your battery system could provide electricity during peak hours. This will reduce the amount of electricity you take from the grid, meaning even smaller bills every month.
  • During an outage, your solar battery backup system in Greenville NY could power your home. It can connect to key outlets and appliances.
  • You could use a solar battery for more specific cases. For example, if you have an EV, a solar battery will be the most cost-efficient way to charge your car.

There are various systems and configurations available, with newer systems being fully customizable to suit your ever-changing needs. New York Power Solutions is a trusted installer of solar battery systems. We are partnered with companies like Tesla, Panasonic, Generac, and others, ensuring access to the best products for your unique needs.

Solar is a great investment. Depending on your situation, adding a battery system could make it an even better investment.

Learn More About Solar Batteries with the Best Solar Installers in Greenville

Most homes can benefit from a solar battery backup system in Greenville NY. Even if you already have solar, you could get better savings and reliability by adding an energy storage device. New York Power Solutions is ready to start the consultation process. We’ll look at your current system, your unique needs, and give you real data that reflects the cost and benefits of adding a solar battery.

Talk to the most experienced solar installers in Greenville. With a home solar battery backup system in Greenville NY, you could turn a great investment into an even better one. Energy independence starts with New York Power Solutions.