Install Tesla Solar Panels or Choose a New York Solar Company?

Install Tesla Solar Panels or Choose a New York Solar Company?

Tesla Solar has expanded from its native California marketplace and now offers installations in New York through authorized contractors. As a company that receives a lot of press, Tesla solar panels are well known in the market, even by people who have only considered a solar installation in passing. But if you’re ready to get solar at your home, you might be seriously considering Tesla solar panels and maybe even a Tesla battery system.

While it’s often appealing to go with a global brand that you’re familiar with, there are huge advantages to be enjoyed when you choose locals for your solar installation.

New York Power Solutions is trusted by New Yorkers for reliable solar systems and competitive prices with the best long-term support. Let’s look at why you should consider a local estimate before going straight to Tesla solar panels.

Tesla Solar Panels vs. The Competition

Tesla solar panels have a strong brand association and trust in the U.S. market. But you might be surprised to learn that almost all the Tesla solar panels available to consumers aren’t actually made in-house by the company.

Tesla solar panel manufacturing is outsourced using the technology available to other installers, including New York Power Solutions. In the company’s early days, the panels were manufactured by Panasonic. Most of the Tesla solar panels available today are made by Hanwha Q Cells.

Both Panasonic and Hanwha Q Cells are suppliers to and partners of New York Power Solutions. This means you can get the same highly efficient technology used by Tesla when you choose to have your solar installed by our expert team.

Tesla Powerwall Cost and Performance – Are There Better Options Than a Tesla Battery?

In addition to solar panels, many Tesla solar systems are installed with a Tesla battery. Known as the Powerwall, it’s sometimes used as a generic term for a solar battery, but it’s actually a specific Tesla product.

The Tesla battery stores electricity from the panels to be deployed in emergencies or when panels shut down in the evening. However, much like Tesla photovoltaic panels, the Tesla battery also has plenty of alternatives, both in terms of performance and Tesla Powerwall cost.

Both Sonnen and Generac develop reliable battery storage systems. LG and Panasonic are other top companies with battery solutions comparable to the Powerwall Tesla battery. We are partnered with these companies and can incorporate their technologies into our custom solutions for your home or business. The advantage of choosing New York Power Solutions over a Tesla battery is that you will have more options. We will design a system focused purely on efficiency, reliability, and value, rather than a brand name.

What about the Tesla Powerwall cost? For a new installation, the Tesla Powerwall cost is comparable with other systems when considering storage capacity and performance. The Tesla Powerwall cost can be financed along with the rest of the system. Even in cases when the Tesla Powerwall is more affordable dollar for dollar, some other factors need to be considered. As an example, a Generac PWRcell is more efficient than a Powerwall, so you can’t just look at the Tesla Powerwall cost and come to an easy decision.

We understand that money matters whether looking at the Tesla Powerwall cost or any other aspect of the system. That’s why we design systems with your needs and budget in mind. We provide detailed cost/benefit analysis so that you will understand not only the initial investment but the savings and financial return that you can generate over time.

Solar is about more than just being greener and more efficient. It’s the most cost-effective way to power most homes and businesses in New York. We’ll provide all the information you need to make a choice that is right for you, with no pressure.

Is the Tesla Powerwall cost worth it? In some cases, the answer will be yes, but it always pays to compare the alternatives and get a free estimate for panels and battery backup from a local New York solar company.

Tesla’s Warranty vs. New York Power Solutions

Tesla solar panels are provided with a 25-Year warranty. At New York Power Solutions, we also offer a 25-Year Warranty for our solar panel installations with monitoring, a dedicated helpdesk, and consumption monitoring available to you through smartphone apps for iOS and Android.

Going Local Simply Makes Sense for Your Solar Installation in New York

We can’t dispute that Tesla battery and panel systems offer good value and performance when integrated well for the client’s unique needs. However, the limited versatility of installing a Tesla battery and solar panels means you are stuck with one brand and the specific products that are available.

New York Power Solutions has access to products and technical support from the top solar and battery technology brands and we can integrate systems that equal or outperform Tesla equivalents. If you want the best experience, there’s a lot to be said for going local.

  • We use the highest quality components without compromise.
  • We personally survey your home and inspect it after the installation.
  • You don’t have to deal with long hold times or the slow response common to large corporations.
  • We take care of permitting and are experts in New York code and compliance.
  • Our technicians have extensive industry experience as roofers, solar installers, and electricians.
  • Our warranty is competitive with the largest companies in America.
  • Our installation turnarounds are some of the best available. Skip the waiting list.

As a local business, we want local families and companies to succeed with their solar installations. We operate on a smaller scale and while we are ultimately a business, profit isn’t our most important priority. We want you to be able to save money, generate a return, and enjoy your solar solution for decades.

Trust the company that has given more than 5,000 New Yorkers clean and reliable solar energy. Whether you are looking for a Tesla battery alternative, panels and battery backup, or just panels, we will ensure that you get the best service and workmanship. We even provide financing through our experienced partners, and we will ensure that you make the most of available solar incentives to offset the installation by more than half the initial cost. No money down and the best rates make it easier than ever to finance a solar installation.

Consider Tesla solar panels but also take the time to see what a dedicated local team can offer. We aren’t here with a big sales agenda. We provide the information. You make the choice.

Get started with your free estimate and solar energy consultation today.

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