Solar Installation Cost in New York

How Much Does Solar Installation Cost in New York?

Solar installation cost in New York is one of the first things that folks consider before moving ahead with the project. Solar is the cleanest and most efficient way to power your home. The right system can also provide a strong return on investment.

Home solar system cost depends on several factors, and it’s different for every household. Learn what goes into solar installation costs in New York and get started with a free estimate today.

How We Calculate the Cost to Install Solar Panels on Your House

Calculating solar installation cost in New York can be complicated. At New York Power Solutions, we take care of all the details so that you can get to the bottom line.

The most important factors considered for the cost to install solar panels on your house include:

  • The size of your home and the number of panels needed.
  • The orientation of your roof to the sun.
  • The size of your roof and how many panels it can support.
  • Sunlight exposure throughout the year.
  • Your monthly energy consumption.

For solar to be affordable and viable, your home will need to be able to produce enough electricity to offset the amount that you draw from the grid. The average home can take most of its energy from solar panels. Battery backup can be installed to make home solar in New York more reliable and more viable.

Because your home and your needs are unique, there’s no one-fits-all solution. To get started, you can get a free ballpark estimate today. We use satellite data to get a ballpark cost to install solar panels on your house.

In New York, the average cost to install solar panels on your house is between $3 and $5 per watt, but these figures are rough and the market is always changing. The best thing to do for an accurate figure is to use our online estimate and call us to begin your consultation today.

Can Home Solar in New York Pay for Itself?

Home solar is known to be more affordable than taking all of your electricity from the grid. Through Net Metering and savings created over time, home solar in New York can pay for itself.

The average system pay-off time depends on the size of the system and your usage patterns. Most systems pay for themselves within eight years. Savings after that point go right back into your pocket.

With your detailed solar energy evaluation and cost/benefit analysis, you can learn the expected pay-off time for home solar in New York.

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Financing NY Home Solar System Cost

You don’t have to pay the home solar system cost upfront. At New York Power Solutions we work with leading banks and lenders to ensure that solar installation cost in New York is managed over time.

There are two parts to our financing program for home solar in New York.

  • An initial interest-free period is available with no money down. It is based on expected tax credits and is paid off in full when you get your refunds.
  • The remainder of the solar installation cost in New York is applied to a loan with a term of your choosing. The second loan is offered with a competitive interest rate.

We are flexible with our financing so that residential solar panel costs are manageable. With competitive residential solar panel costs, our customers find that savings are often available even while still paying off a system through financing.

Is the Residential Solar Panel Cost Increased with a Battery Backup System?

Choosing to install battery backup along with your solar panels will increase the total cost. But there is value created over time when you go with this type of system.

Battery backup can give you coverage when the grid goes down. You can also use battery backup to improve the efficiency of your system. You will rely less on the grid at peak times, so, in most cases, any bill you receive from the utility company will be lower.

We consider the use of a solar battery when we determine residential solar panel cost and the financial benefits. We’ll be able to tell you how a battery system will increase the install cost and what it would look like in terms of a financial return over the lifetime of your system.

Choose the Experts for Affordable Home Solar in New York

Solar is a valuable investment. With the right company for home solar in New York, you can get a system that returns value over time.

Learn about solar installation cost in New York by contacting the team at New York Power Solutions. With a detailed approach to system planning, we can ensure that your investment in solar pays off.