New York Solar Installation

The Grid Isn’t Ready for Solar Energy – But Your Home Is

It has become more apparent in recent times that the national grid isn’t ready for large-scale renewable projects. Planning, approval, and testing are all required before large-scale solar energy and wind projects come online. Some states, like California, are ahead of the curve. Others are far behind. Luckily, New York solar installation is ahead of the game.

Last year, the Biden Administration set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% – 52% by 2030. To support this, renewables need to become more viable.

Renewables contributed to 81% of new domestic electricity generation in 2021, so the trends are changing, but there are still challenges. Gizelle Wray, Senior Director at the Solar Energy Industries Association said recently that the “regulatory process and framework has not caught up” to the demand and desire for clean energy.

Complicated electrical engineering to get transmission-scale renewables to the grid will continue to be a challenge. The grid might not be ready for large-scale solar, but your home is. While the grid will evolve in the coming years, you can get solar power in New York today.

Affect Change from a Grassroots Level with Solar Power in New York

New York has added significant capacity for renewables in recent years but still relies heavily on non-renewables to power the grid. Locals know that New York’s power grid is old and inefficient. Outages are a reality for families and businesses. Costs are skyrocketing, with New York having the highest rates in the contiguous United States.

Solar Power in New York isn’t just a clean option for families. It’s also the more affordable one. The cost of installation is offset by tax benefits and incentives, and programs like Net Metering make solar affordable over time. By the end of the 25-Year warranty on solar power in New York, most families will not only recoup the cost of investment but also generate a significant return.

If you’re concerned about the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint, New York solar installation is the most effective way to make a difference. The United Nations warned this month that global emissions have not been reduced to a safe level to prevent dramatic climate change. Every home connected to rooftop solar can reduce emissions.

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How Easy Is it to Get Started with a New York Solar Installation?

New York Power Solutions makes it stress-free to transition to solar power in New York.

We are experienced in all aspects of New York solar installation from system design to long-term maintenance. We can even take care of the necessary permits and will help you make use of the available tax benefits.

  • We can start with a ballpark solar estimate, followed by a detailed estimate and consultation. We’ll give you a cost/benefit analysis so you’ll know how much value you can gain with solar.
  • Our detailed on-site surveys will determine solar production throughout the year within a margin of +/- 10%.
  • We are solar roofing experts. We can repair or replace your roof before installing panels. We use low-penetration racking and flashing to protect your roof during New York solar installation, and throughout the lifetime of your system.
  • The physical installation can be completed in a single day, and we’ll provide an in-home welcome meeting to introduce you to your system, monitoring apps, and our 24/7 solar monitoring service.
  • With a 25-Year warranty and ongoing support, you’ll have peace of mind in the years to come.

We make solar power in New York accessible to all. Join the green revolution, save money, and enjoy reliable electricity for your home. New York Power Solutions is your partner for solar installation.