New York Solar Installation

Can You Get Rid of Your Electric Bill with Solar?

If you want more affordable electricity for your home, New York Solar Installation is the best solution. With solar panels on your roof, you’ll produce your own electricity, taking care of most of your household needs during the day. You can export any excess generation to the grid, creating credits on your bill through Net Metering. Solar power in New York pays for itself over time and will provide a return over the lifetime of your system. But, can you get rid of your bill with solar power in New York? Let’s find out…

Your New York Solar Installation Will Reduce Your Electric Bill

Can you completely get rid of your utility bill with a New York solar installation? The short answer is no. But you will get plenty of benefits from having solar.

With a New York solar installation, you will still be connected to the grid. You’ll need electricity from the grid in the evenings and on days when solar production is low. While you can use battery backup to store electricity from solar power in New York, most homes will still need to use the grid at times.

Your New York solar installation will reduce your utility bill in a couple of ways…

  • During the day when production is high, your panels will power all or most of your electrical needs.
  • The excess energy you generate will be exported to the grid, creating credits on your utility account with Net Metering.

Your credits are key to saving money. These can accumulate over time even when you don’t use them. They can offset any electricity that you import from the grid during the evening. With the right system designed by the team at New York Power Solutions, you can start saving right away. Even when paying off financing for a solar system, your reduced utility bill will mean you pay roughly the same or less from month to month. When your system is fully paid off, the savings will be yours to enjoy.

The average savings from a solar panel system will pay for the investment within the first eight years. Solar panels are designed to last for 25-30 years, so the financial return is significant.

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Beware of Unbacked Claims from New York Solar Companies

New York Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 solar panel systems in New York. We are focused on efficiency, reliability, and savings. We don’t make false claims or create the wrong expectations when designing the best systems.

If you hear from New York solar companies that you can eliminate your bill, you need to ask them how. The average home cannot run on solar alone. You need a detailed cost/benefit analysis to learn how much solar your home would produce, and how much you could save over the lifetime of your system.

If you get claims of zero bills or going completely off the grid, ask for a second opinion. We offer free estimates and are completely transparent. New York Power Solutions is the name that families and businesses trust when looking for the best New York solar companies.

Solar is More Affordable with New York Solar Tax Credits

There are New York solar tax credits as well as Federal credits available to offset the cost of solar installation. There are several programs available, and New York Power Solutions can help you to determine which ones apply to you.

From a State property tax abatement program that allows you to claim up to 20% of the installation cost to the 26% dollar-for-dollar Federal tax credit, several benefits make solar more affordable.

Talk to the experts to learn how New York solar tax credits will affect your New York solar installation.

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With solar power in New York, you’ll enjoy more affordable electricity with a greener home. You can get your free estimate from New York Power Solutions today. Solar will dramatically reduce your utility bill. Get your solar estimate and cost/benefit analysis to find out how.