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Government-Sponsored Solar Permit App is Streamlining the Installation Process

Initial costs and permitting are two of the biggest barriers to solar panel installation. In New York, residents can work with companies like New York Power Solutions to have the permitting process taken care of in-house without the need to fill out complicated forms. Some jurisdictions don’t have the same access to experienced installation companies.

The Department of Energy is changing this with the release of its SolarAPP+ permitting platform. Rolled out a year ago, the platform has made more than 5,000 installations easier to manage and approve.

Adopted or in pilot trials in more than 13 jurisdictions. SolarAPP+ will remove the bureaucratic gridlock that exists in some cases.

Why is the Permitting Process so Important?

Permitting is necessary to install solar panels. Online and instant permitting can reduce the time between obtaining a solar estimate and having the system fully installed and switched on. SolarAPP+ is a system based on examples from advanced solar States like New York, California, and Texas. You can already take advantage of a simple and stress-free permitting process with the help of New York Power Solutions. Now families in other states will be able to do the same.

Permitting ensures that system designs are code compliant. Reliability, efficiency, and safety are some factors that benefit from the permitting process.

If you are considering a New York solar installation, you can already get access to a fast and efficient permitting process.

How to Get a Solar Permit with New York Power Solutions

The success of SolarAPP+ is great news for potential solar homes throughout the nation. New York residents have the benefit of a seamless permitting process that has been in place for several years.

To secure your solar permit, all you need to do is choose a reliable New York solar installation company. Some New York solar companies aren’t experienced with the permitting process. New York Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems for homes and businesses and knows how to navigate the permitting process. Our experience becomes your advantage.

When you choose our team for solar power in New York, you won’t have to fill out a permit application. We’ll take care of it in-house so that there’s no time or stress on your part. From the initial estimate and consultation, right through to installation and aftercare, your convenience is our priority. We make it easy to enjoy solar power in New York without having to worry about extensive paperwork.

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You’ll Also Benefit From New York Solar Tax Credits

Beyond making the permitting process easier for solar power in New York, our team can also help with New York solar tax credits. Our focus on the local market gives us extensive experience with New York solar tax credits and we can factor these into your solar financing. A no money down interest-free financing period can be covered entirely by your first round of New York solar tax credits. There is also a federal benefit available, offering a 26% dollar-for-dollar return on your income tax.

Not all New York Solar Companies understand the sometimes complicated framework of New York solar tax credits. Choose New York Power Solutions and enjoy the easiest process to get solar installed.

The Nation is Catching up to Solar Power in New York

It’s simple to get solar power in New York when you choose the right company for New York solar installation. Innovations like SolarAPP+ will benefit Americans nationwide. If you’re in New York, you can already take advantage of a streamlined process created by New York Power Solutions.

Talk to us today, get your New York solar installation estimate, and we’ll even provide you with a detailed cost/benefit analysis so you can determine if solar is worth it.