Westchester County Solar

Save Money with Westchester County Solar Energy

Solar panels are becoming more common on home rooftops throughout New York. At New York Power Solutions, we’ve connected more than 5,000 homes and businesses to solar, giving countless people their energy independence. Before you get started with your free estimate, you’ve probably wondered: can you actually save money with a Westchester County solar installation? The short answer is yes, but it’s the how that matters most.

Let’s take a look and dive into the details.

Rely Less on the Grid with a Westchester County Solar Installation

A Westchester County solar installation will help you to save money by covering a large chunk of your energy needs. Buying electricity from a utility company is notoriously expensive. New York pays the highest electric rates outside of Hawaii and Alaska.

  • With solar, you can cover most of your daily consumption using the panels on your roof.
  • Excess energy generated during the day can be exported and will generate Net Metering credits.
  • When you take energy from the grid, it will be covered by your credits first.

In some months of the year, you could get nothing more than a hookup charge from the utility company. Even if you still use some electricity from the grid, your bills will be significantly reduced.

At New York Power Solutions it’s our priority to give you reliable solar that saves you money. If for whatever reason, solar panels aren’t likely to generate a strong return, we’ll be honest and tell you upfront.

The SMART Solar Program

We developed the SMART Solar Program to ensure that our customers get the best return on investment. We sign all our customers up for this program, ensuring a smooth transition to solar and easy savings and maintenance throughout the lifetime of the panels.

The Smart Solar Program for Westchester home solar is based on six key aspects:

  • A free energy savings assessment with cost/benefit analysis.
  • Active monitoring for every system, ensuring reliability.
  • Convenient smartphone apps for solar consumption and health monitoring.
  • Low-penetration racking and flashing for our 1-day installations.
  • A 25-Year warranty for your new solar panels.
  • Ongoing service and support starting from our in-home welcome meeting.

With our careful approach to system design, installation, and aftercare, you can have confidence knowing that you’ll save money and get reliable electricity from Westchester home solar.

Interested in learning more about Westchester County Solar Installation? Give us a call today!

Will You Still Save Money When Financing Your Solar System?

We offer the best financing out of any of the leading solar installers in Westchester NY. We split this into two terms.

  • The first term is interest-free with no money down for approved borrowers. This initial round of financing is based on expected tax credits. We can help you to determine which tax credits and solar incentives are available to you. This loan is paid in full once you get your tax credits.
  • The rest of the bill is covered by a second loan with a term of your choosing. Through our financing partners, we offer some of the best interest rates in America.

Depending on the term you choose, you will usually pocket some savings in the early years of your Westchester County solar installation. The bulk of the returns will come after the initial payoff period. Most solar systems pay for themselves in savings after the first eight years. Your system will last for 25-30 years before replacement components are needed.

Choose the Best Solar Installers in Westchester NY

Solar saves money by reducing your bill with the utility company. You can start saving from the minute your panels are switched on, and the savings typically increase over time, especially once the financing is paid in full.

If you want a cleaner and more reliable way to power your home, solar is the way to go. Our solar installers in Westchester NY are the most experienced in the state. We provide a stress-free experience so that transitioning to solar is both easy and affordable.

Don’t wait to gain your energy independence. Get your free estimate for a Westchester County solar installation that will provide ongoing benefits in the years to come.