Putnam County Solar

Can You Find an Affordable Putnam County Solar Company?

With Putnam County solar you can say goodbye to huge electric bills. Solar will make your home more efficient, and the benefits typically increase over time as a system is fully paid off. If you’re thinking about solar, the cost will be one of the most important aspects of the decision. Can you get efficiency and affordability with a Putnam County solar company? Let’s find out…

Start with a Free Home Solar Estimate

At New York Power Solutions, we can tell you with certainty that there are ways to get affordable Putnam County solar. We’ll explain why in the following sections. But even before you look at these, you could get started right away with a free home solar estimate.

A ballpark estimate will give you an idea of how much your installation would cost. Our estimates are based on satellite imagery and our software. Ballpark estimates are often surprisingly accurate, and you won’t need to pay a cent to get started on your transition to solar.

The SMART Solar Program Keeps Things Affordable

Every customer of New York Power Solutions is enrolled in our SMART Solar Program. We developed the program to manage costs and ensure reliability and convenience.

Within the program, you can get your free home solar estimate, a detailed consultation, an on-site inspection and final estimate, and a cost/benefit analysis.

The cost/benefit analysis is key to determining the true value of solar. The total cost of a solar installation can be significant but it’s important to keep this in the context of the savings generated over time. With solar, your electric bills will be smaller. Even if you finance your system, the benefits will only increase over time. Once the system is fully paid off, the savings all go right back into your pocket.

The SMART Solar Program also has practical benefits like 24/7 Monitoring, a 25-Year Warranty, and Ongoing Support. New York Power Solutions is your long-term partner that will not only install your system but also ensure that you get everything that you want out of it.

Your Putnam County Solar Company is a Phone Call Away. Give us a Call Today!

Financing and New York Solar Tax Credits

We work with the best solar lenders in New York to ensure that our customers have access to affordable financing.

Our Putnam County solar company has installed more than 5,000 systems throughout the state, many of which were covered by our financing plans. We plan the financing into two terms to leverage your New York solar tax credits and federal tax credits.

For approved borrowers, there’s no money down and the first term is interest-free. This period is based on expected tax credits. At the rollover of the tax year when you get your credits, you can pay the initial loan in full.

The second loan will cover the remaining solar bill. We offer low-interest rates through our partners. You can choose the term based on the size of the repayments that work for you. Shorter terms have less interest, but repayments are higher. We’ll help you to determine what works with your budget.

As an experienced Putnam County solar company, we have extensive knowledge of the various incentives and tax programs. We’ll help you find out what’s available so that you can see the real cost of solar once all the incentives, abatements, and refunds are considered.

Because we’re an NYSERDA Approved contractor, you will also receive a solar incentive that is applied to the top of your bill. This is provided by New York State and is based on the size of the solar system.

The government currently offers some very generous New York solar tax credits, and the federal dollar-for-dollar tax credit is worth 26% of the cost of your system in 2022. Solar is far more affordable than most people assume. Talk to us today and we’ll help you plan your transition to solar in a way that works with your finances.

The Bottom Line: Is Putnam County Solar Affordable?

Solar is affordable thanks to government incentives and the current competitive rates in the industry. Our team will help you to determine how much solar will cost, and the practical/financial benefits that it will provide you over time.

Solar is far more affordable than paying for electricity from the grid. New York has some of the highest electric rates in the nation.

Don’t wait to become energy independent. Get your free home solar estimate today and begin the consultation process with our expert Putnam County solar team.