Battery Energy Storage

Study Finds Battery Energy Storage is Key to Decarbonization

A reduction in carbon output is a key goal of the clean energy transition in America. Even with a rooftop New York solar installation, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. But once you do have solar, there will be times when you will need to rely on electricity from the grid to power your home. A battery energy storage system can give you more energy independence. On a large scale, researchers have found that battery energy storage is key to decarbonization efforts.

MIT Study Supports Battery Energy Storage

In a several-hundred page report titled The Future of Energy Storage, researchers at MIT determined that energy storage systems are one of the most valuable elements in decarbonization

The study was designed to educate government officials, corporate executives, and academics. It also has value to the public, like families seeking New York solar installation. According to the study, battery storage is the most affordable way to decarbonize. Battery systems allow for cost-efficient storage of electricity generated by renewables. The stored energy can help to offset peak demand on the grid, which is usually when non-renewable sources would be heavily utilized.

The MIT researchers note that battery storage can help to balance the electrical supply, especially on grids where the infrastructure is old and inefficient. The study points out that government support is needed to ensure that energy storage is deployed swiftly and efficiently. The U.S. Department of Energy is already moving heavily into programs to promote utility-scale investment.

While focused on large-scale deployment, the report states some facts that thousands of New York residents already know. Battery storage is efficient, clean, and increases the value of renewable energy systems. If you’re considering solar for your home, battery energy storage is almost essential at this point.

Should You Add Batteries to Your New York Solar Installation?

It’s difficult to make sweeping changes across the power grid. It will take billions of investment dollars over several years. At home, you are more agile and you can take steps today to reduce your carbon footprint.

A New York solar installation will give you access to clean and efficient energy. Adding a solar battery will enhance the benefits.

  • With a solar battery, you can keep powering your home even when the grid goes down.
  • You can store energy throughout the day and deploy it at night when rates are highest.
  • You’ll maximize your investment in solar with a greater return over time.

Quite simply, adding a storage solution is the best way to gain all of the benefits of solar panels on your roof. The team at New York Power Solutions can plan your installation to include a battery system that suits your unique needs.

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New York Solar Tax Credits Can Offset the Cost of Investment

A solar battery will add to the cost of your installation. But when it comes to New York solar tax credits, the battery is considered part of the entire system. So any credits that are available to you will apply to the total bill. New York solar tax credits are available for the initial installation, so you’ll need to include a battery system in the initial design.

New York Power Solutions will help you to determine which New York solar tax credits apply in your case. We then use these state credits, and your federal income tax credit, to cover the initial interest-free period on your financing. You can learn more about our affordable financing with solar incentives today.

Enjoy Efficient and Affordable Solar with New York Power Solutions

You can make changes to have a more efficient and environmentally friendly home. Solar with battery energy storage is more affordable than buying all of your electricity from the grid. Get your free solar estimate today and a cost/benefit analysis from New York Power Solutions. We provide the information. You make the choice.