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Is There a NY Tax Credit for Rockland County Solar Installation?

New York offers some of the best tax incentives for solar homes. If you’re curious about the incentives available for Rockland County solar, you can get help from the team at New York Power Solutions. Incentives can significantly reduce the cost of solar in Rockland County NY, and we can even tie your tax credits into our flexible financing program.

Learn about Tax Incentives and the Cost of Solar in Rockland NY

New York State offers several programs to reduce the cost of solar in Rockland NY.

  • A NY state solar tax credit is available on your personal income tax, and it’s worth up to $5,000 of the cost of solar in Rockland NY.
  • NYSERDA (The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) offers a reimbursement program that is based on the size of your system. The calculation depends on your current provider and the total Kw output of your planned solar installation. The team at New York Power Solutions will help you to determine what your incentive would be worth.
  • There’s also a federal incentive available for Rockland County Solar. This is one of the most valuable incentives of all. For 2022, there’s a dollar-for-dollar federal tax credit set at 26% of the cost of solar in Rockland NY. This will decrease in 2023, so we recommend acting quickly with a free solar estimate and consultation.

At New York Power Solutions we will look at all of the incentives available to you and determine what your tax credits would be worth after the first year. We can apply these to our no money down financing. The initial loan is interest-free. When you receive your credits, you can pay the loan in full.

We will then apply the remainder of your bill to a second loan. You can choose the term for this loan so the monthly payments will be manageable. We have access to competitive interest rates through our financing partners.

Rockland County solar won’t just save you money. You’ll generate a strong return on investment over the lifetime of your solar panels.

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Comparing Solar Companies

Several Rockland solar companies will compete for your business. We’ve got a few points to keep in mind to help you make the right choice.

  • The best Rockland solar companies will explain the various solar incentives and ensure that you make use of the ones that you’re eligible for.
  • Trusted solar installers will provide detailed consultations and give you a cost/benefit analysis.
  • The best installers will look at your needs, not their bottom line.

At New York Power Solutions we’ve built our business around transparency and trust. We want our customers to save money with a Rockland County solar installation. That’s why we help every customer to understand their incentives while providing the best financing options. We will give accurate data to show how a solar system will perform over time and the return that it can generate. With this information, you will know if solar is right for your home. If it doesn’t make sense, then we won’t recommend the installation.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

Get a Free Home Solar Estimate

Start with your free home solar estimate in Rockland County and get all of the information you need to make the best decision for your home. With New York electricity rates being some of the highest in the nation, a solar installation can help to streamline your home finances.

Solar is also more reliable when paired with a battery backup system, and you can even say goodbye to those ever more frequent grid outages.

Best of all, you’ll be making a green decision. A Rockland County solar installation will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your home. In a beautiful place like Rockland, knowing that you’re doing right by the environment is important.

You can get a ballpark free home solar estimate in Rockland County using satellite data. We can then schedule an on-site visit for the most accurate estimate and a cost/benefit analysis based on your usage patterns and the solar potential of your home.

New York Power Solutions has connected more than 5,000 homes and businesses to clean and reliable solar. Your Rockland County solar installation can be next.