Sullivan County Solar

How to Save Money with Sullivan County Solar in NY

Solar is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly way to power your home. For New York residents, it’s also the most affordable. Electric utility rates are particularly high in New York. In fact, they’re higher here than in all but two other states. A Sullivan County solar installation can give you more independence from the grid with significant savings over time.

How exactly does Sullivan home solar save you money? Let’s find out…

Getting the Right Solar Installers in NY

Before you even get close to signing a contract, you need to make sure that you have the right solar installers in NY. There’s a growing number of solar companies in the region but not every business will give you the level of service that you deserve. Without the right installer, you might not get the savings that you expect from Sullivan home solar.

New York Power Solutions is a trusted team of the best solar installers in NY. We are focused on efficiency and will work to ensure that you benefit from cost savings over time. All our systems are customized by our engineers so your panels and other equipment will suit your needs.

Our team of solar installers in NY has connected more than 5,000 customers to clean and reliable solar.

Sullivan Home Solar is More Affordable Than the Grid

You can save money with Sullivan home solar because you’ll consume less energy from the grid. With the high rates in New York, electric bills are a huge strain on household finances. Solar can power your home during the day, and you can even export excess energy to the grid.

  • Through Net Metering, you can get credits on your bill for the energy that you export. These credits can cover the energy that you use in the evening when panels shut down.
  • You can get solar tax incentives and other benefits to reduce the total cost of your solar installation. The Federal Solar Tax Credit is particularly generous. It’s a dollar-for-dollar credit worth up to 26% of the cost of your installation in 2022.
  • We are a NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research Development Authority) approved contractor. A direct incentive will be taken off the top of your bill. This means you can start saving money before you even make a repayment on your system.
  • You can finance your solar installation with our no money down financing. An initial interest-free period is based on expected tax credits.

Even when financing, monthly repayments are typically comparable to or slightly less than your current electric bill. When your system is paid off, you’ll be free to enjoy the savings.

Join thousands of New York families with solar. As experts in custom solar solutions, we can even design a battery backup system that suits your needs. We’ll look at your unique scenario and provide the most efficient and economical solutions, and we back our proposals up with data.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

If you live in Sullivan County New York, we can help you get started with solar! Call us now!

Joining the SMART Solar Program

With New York Power Solutions you can join the SMART Solar Program. This is designed to keep the cost of solar as low as possible, while also ensuring reliability and efficiency.

  • We provide a detailed energy savings assessment for every system. This is based on your usage and the output potential of solar panels.
  • Every system is actively monitored.
  • You can view consumption and other stats with helpful mobile apps.
  • Sullivan county solar installation is performed with low-penetration racking and flashing to protect your roof.
  • We give support throughout the lifetime of your 25-Year Solar Panel Warranty.

All you need to do is sign up. We’re ready to begin your solar consultation today. Solar panels have an average expected lifespan of 25 – 30 years. The return on investment is significant. You can power your home and be free of the skyrocketing electric utility rates in New York.

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Your Sullivan County solar installation will save money as you rely less on the grid. Gain your energy independence with our help. Start with your free solar panel estimate today and see how affordable and easy it is to get started.