Solar Backup System

Can a Solar Backup System Protect You from Outages?

In New York, we’ve sadly become accustomed to a lack of reliability on the electrical grid. High demand and some of the worst weather extremes in the nation make it hard to get through the year without at least a couple of brownouts. There’s been a lot of talk recently about the relationship between renewables and energy security. States like California and Texas make extensive use of renewables but have some of the worst outages in the nation. While some have drawn a false correlation between the two, the reality is that renewables don’t increase the incidence of outages. In fact, with a solar backup system, you could avoid outages at your home.

At the end of May, a Canary Media report found that California’s investment in battery storage will increase energy security for the state. This government-funded initiative will supplement diesel backup systems that are used to prop up aging gas power plants.

With New York Power Solutions, you can make a similar investment on a smaller scale.

Energy Security and Independence with a Solar Backup System

Solar panels can power your home during the daytime. It’s the most efficient and affordable way to meet all your consumption requirements. But solar power in New York can still be affected by outages. If the grid goes down, your panels will shut down, too. This protects the grid and makes it safe for line workers as they restore power.

A solar backup system gives you an additional layer of protection so that your panels can continue to function even if the grid goes down. The energy that is harvested during the day will keep your battery system topped up. When the grid loses power, your home will switch over to the solar backup system so that you can continue to use your outlets and appliances.

Modern solar backup systems are highly configurable, so you can also gain other advantages. For example, you could have your system deploy electricity during the evenings so that you won’t have to rely on the utility company. This can create significant savings during peak hours when the rates are higher.

Integrating a Battery System with Solar Power in New York

To get the most from a solar battery, your system must be carefully engineered and configured. Solar power in New York combines reliability with cost savings. But if the system isn’t designed around your unique needs, you won’t save as much as you could.

At New York Power Solutions, we customize solar power in New York for the needs of the end-user. Not every home requires battery backup. Our cost/benefit analysis will determine if it’s worth the investment in your case.

A Solar Backup System will help protect your home during grid power outages. Call us to find out how!

What We’ll Consider for Your New York Solar Installation

There are several factors that we’ll consider as we design your New York solar installation.

Engineers will look at…

  • Your usage patterns and recent bills.
  • The types of appliances and devices you have in your home.
  • The solar potential of your home (based on your roof layout, size, and shade).
  • Your location and vulnerability to outages.
  • Your budget.

A detailed consultation for your New York solar installation will ensure that you get the most value from your investment with a strong return over time. Just as states like California are using batteries to secure the grid, you could get the same result at home with your own personal battery backup.

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