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Do You Need Private Solar Energy in New York?

Staten Island hit the headlines last week, with an announcement that two new community battery energy storage systems would provide up to 31MWh of renewable storage in the borough. Community projects are large-scale commercial projects designed to service multiple homes and businesses. They sit somewhere between the traditional grid operators and private solar energy in New York. Families that sign up for community projects can see benefits in their finances, but most of the advantages of private solar are lost. It’s great news that Staten Island is getting more energy storage for renewables. But is this something that you should consider for your home if it were available? What are the downsides of community solar, and what are the advantages of private solar energy in New York?

What is Community Solar?

Community solar is a type of shared solar project where participants including families and businesses pay for a share of a solar farm and battery energy storage system. The solar panels are placed at a dedicated site near the homes and businesses. Electricity is distributed to the grid, and participants are credited for a share of the electricity that is generated.

There are some advantages to this type of solar energy in New York. The investment costs are low compared to a private system, and there’s no installation necessary for each individual property. Community projects are a good option for renters, people with homes that are unsuitable for solar, and people that plan on moving within the next five to ten years.

Community Solar Power Isn’t Right for Everyone

Because community solar power in New York is fundamentally different from private projects, you will lose out on some of the inherent advantages of solar.

  • You won’t be eligible for any of the generous NYS solar tax incentives when you join a community project. You’ll need to shoulder all the initial investment without assistance
  • The savings over time can be much less than private solar power in New York. Your utility bill will decrease, but you’ll lose out on the significant return on investment that you get from rooftop solar at your home.
  • Community projects aren’t designed specifically for each homeowner. If the project isn’t adequately planned, then there may come a point where the project fails to meet the needs of the community.

If you’re looking for home Solar Energy in New York, we can help! Give us a call today!

Getting New York Solar Installation Done Right

If you are on Staten Island or anywhere else in New York City, you can have private rooftop solar installed by our team. New York Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems for homes and businesses.

We will look at your unique energy needs and provide a cost/benefit analysis for New York solar installation. You’ll know how much solar will cost, and the return that you’ll get in the coming years.

Unlike a community project, a private New York solar installation can increase the value of your home. This can attract a higher price at resale. Solar panels last 25 – 30 years so you’ll have plenty of time to generate a return on your investment.

Most importantly, your New York solar installation will be designed around the specific needs of your family. We’ll look at previous bills, your average usage, and the solar potential of your rooftop when designing the system.

It’s Easy to Decide with a Free Solar Estimate from New York Power Solutions

The decision to go solar is easier when you have supporting data. Our consultations and free solar estimates are designed to give you everything you need to make the right choice. New York Power Solutions is the most trusted solar installer in the state.

If you have a community project available to you, consider the advantages of private solar first. We’re available to provide transparent and informative consultations for solar energy in New York.