Delaware County NY Solar

How Much Does it Cost to Get Delaware County NY Solar?

An investment in solar will pay dividends. If you want to enjoy savings and a measurable financial return, you can have Delaware County NY solar installed by the team at New York Power Solutions.

We plan every installation for maximum returns and our competitive rates are helped by generous New York solar tax credits and a federal incentive. Learn about the cost of Delaware County NY solar and start with your ballpark estimate today.

What Goes into a Free Home Solar Estimate?

Every solar system is unique. Our Delaware County solar company will customize a solution to meet your needs. So, when you want to know the cost of solar, the only way to determine this is to start with a free estimate.

Our free home solar estimates are based on several factors, including:

  • The location of your home and the shape of your roof.
  • The orientation of your home relative to the sun.
  • The amount of solar that your home could produce.
  • The need for any additional features like solar battery backup.

Our ballpark estimates are surprisingly accurate. We use up-to-date satellite images and our own algorithm to get an idea of your home’s solar potential.

If you like the details in the free home solar estimate, we can proceed to a site visit where we will evaluate your roof and the shade around your property.

More than just offering free home solar estimates, we also provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis. You’ll be able to see how much your solar will cost, how much it could return, and the potential savings that you could enjoy over time.

A Delaware County Solar Company Committed to Value

It’s our passion to deliver well-designed and efficient Delaware County NY solar. Our engineers will design your solar installation based on your unique needs so that you can enjoy the savings that you expect.

We install solar with low-penetration solar racking to ensure that both your roof and the panels are protected. As an experienced Delaware County solar company, we are also the right company to replace your roof ahead of installing solar panels. This is recommended when your roofing material is within five years of needing a complete replacement. Solar panels are durable and will last for 25 – 30 years in most conditions, which is consistent with most roofing materials.

Looking for solar installed on your Delaware County NY Solar home? Call us today!

New York Solar Tax Credits Can Reduce the Cost of Solar

There are state and federal incentives available to make solar more affordable.

  • You can get New York solar tax credits and federal credits on your personal income tax.
  • NYSERDA will provide an incentive off the top of your bill, based on the size of your system.
  • Other programs are available depending on your income and unique situation.

Our team will help you to determine which federal and New York solar tax credits are available to you. We can also help with processing these whenever it is legally possible to do so.

We provide turnkey solar solutions, which means we go the extra mile to ensure that there are no setbacks or complicated procedures for you to follow.

Start with Your Estimate for Delaware County NY Solar

If you want to know the price of solar in Delaware, you can start with your free solar estimate. New York Power Solutions is here to make the switch to solar easy. Enjoy an easy transition to Delaware County NY solar and you’ll love your new more affordable and more efficient solar home.