Smart Solar Power

There’s Increased Demand for Smart Solar Power in New York

Solar power in New York is the most efficient way to power a home. It’s also the most affordable. In New York where utility rates are notoriously expensive, solar can dramatically reduce the ongoing cost of homeownership. The demand for smart solar power is increasing. If you want the best solutions for your home, our team is ready to engineer and deliver a system that exceeds your expectations.

Solar Utilization is Increasing Nationwide

It’s earnings season in the stock market, and it’s a useful time to look at solar growth in America. Tesla is a major producer of solar panel solutions. It announced in its latest earnings report that quarterly revenue from solar panel installations hit a peak that hasn’t been seen since 2017.

It’s a similar story across the industry. According to analysts, half of all new generational capacity added to the grid this year will be powered by solar.

Companies like Tesla and installers like New York Power Solutions are making it happen with smart solar power that is both practical and affordable for homeowners. More people are seeing the benefits of solar, especially in a high-inflation environment where the cost of energy is skyrocketing.

What is Smart Solar Power in New York?

We’re seeing record numbers of solar installations because the benefits are now impossible to ignore. The cost of solar power in New York has decreased over time. Homeowners can get a New York solar installation with no money down financing. NY state solar incentives and federal incentives reduce the real cost of solar. Everything is aligning in favor of the consumer.

Smart solar power is an integrated system that is made to be more convenient.

  • Production and solar usage can be tracked in real-time with smartphone applications.
  • Battery storage and usage stats can be tracked for New York solar installation
  • Customers can track how much energy is exported to or imported from the grid.

Smart Solar Power in New York is only a phone call away. Don’t wait. Get started today!

Carefully Planned New York Solar Installations

You can enjoy a customized approach when you install smart solar power with New York Power Solutions.

Our engineers will look at your energy usage patterns to determine the system size that is right for you. We’ll consider the location of your home and the orientation and pitch of the roof when planning your New York solar installation.

A solar battery can be integrated if you want increased energy independence and security.

New York Power Solutions is the most trusted solar installer in the state. We’ve connected more than 5,000 homes to clean and reliable solar. We’ll give you a complete cost/benefit analysis so that you can see the financial and practical advantages of solar.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

Join the Solar Revolution with New York Solar Installation

The rate of adoption of solar power continues to increase. More businesses and families realize the benefits every day. You can join the solar revolution and enjoy affordable, clean, and reliable electricity.

Get your free ballpark estimate from New York Power Solutions today. We use satellite data for the initial estimate. When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll dispatch a technician for a detailed site inspection.

Smart solar power will generate a significant return on investment over time. And, with our easy financing, you can get connected without paying any money upfront. Choose the best NY solar installers for a cleaner future with savings that go right back into your pocket.