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Environmental Impact of Cutting Trees with Solar Power Companies in New York

To get the maximum benefit of solar power in New York, your home will need open space around it. Shade structures like trees can reduce the amount of sunlight that hits your rooftop. Solar power companies in New York may recommend tree felling or pruning so that you can get more from your New York solar installation. But what is the environmental impact of removing trees? Are the carbon benefits of solar power in New York worth it? Some new research can give us the answer.

Cutting Trees for Solar Power in New York

The latest research from the European Environmental Commission shows that a single tree will absorb around 49 pounds of carbon per year. While every tree makes a difference, it’s the denser forested areas that absorb the most carbon. The actual environmental benefit of a single tree on your property is minimal.

If you prune or remove a tree for solar power in New York, the environmental impact will be more than offset by panels on your roof. A single solar panel can offset the carbon emissions of up to ten trees. Even a relatively small array of residential solar panels will provide more environmental benefits than the average number of trees on a residential property.

You don’t have to feel bad if you need to remove trees to complete an installation with one of the leading solar power companies in New York.

Going Green with the Leading Solar Power Companies in New York

Talking to solar power companies in New York is the first step in creating a truly green home. New York makes extensive use of renewable energy, but there’s still a large amount of fuel oil burned to deliver power to homes. Installing rooftop solar with one of the leading solar power companies in New York will reduce the load on the grid.

Solar works during the day, powering your home and recharging a solar battery if you have one. You will also export energy to the grid during this time. Every home that exports solar energy will reduce the demand for non-renewable electricity at the utility power plants.

You also get credits on your utility account through Net Metering. So, any energy that you import during the evenings can be covered by these credits first before you are billed.

New York Power Solutions will help you to make your home as environmentally friendly and as affordable as possible.

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Get a Cost/Benefit Analysis for a New York Solar Installation

Solar only makes sense when it’s affordable. We can provide a cost/benefit analysis so that you can determine if a New York solar installation is right for your needs.

We’ll look at your old bills and average energy usage patterns. We can compare your current utility spending with your likely bill after a New York solar installation.

We want our customers to enjoy strong returns from their investments. We’re always transparent and honest and will tell you upfront if solar isn’t suited to your needs. You can get no-money-down financing with an interest-free period based on NY solar tax credits.

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