Battery Energy Storage

Home Battery Energy Storage is Even Bigger Than Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day helped reinvigorate sales for the eCommerce giant as it faces a slowdown in sales. Hitting the headlines this week were deals on solar-powered batteries. These portable devices harvest the sun’s energy to recharge phones and power small devices or electronics. They’re an excellent choice for camping or in emergencies when you need a backup for your personal devices.

Amazon’s sale wasn’t just a great deal for consumers. It also inadvertently highlighted the usefulness of battery energy storage for solar panels.

Solar Power in New York with Battery Energy Storage

What if you could power your home from a battery that harvests the sun’s energy? It wouldn’t be possible with the deals on Amazon, but it absolutely is possible with solar power in New York.

You can add battery energy storage to your New York solar installation and enjoy more energy security and independence. A battery energy storage device will store the energy generated by your panels during the day, and it can be configured to switch on during an outage or during the evenings when rates are at their highest.

You can gain a lot of value by including a solar battery with solar power in New York.

  • Grid outages are common in New York, and with a standard New York solar installation, your home will go down with the grid. But with battery energy storage, you can keep the lights and appliances on even when the grid fails.
  • Peak rates mean you’ll pay more for electricity when the sun goes down. Storing excess power during the day allows you to deploy it during peak hours to reduce your utility bill further.
  • You can still export to the grid with a solar battery. When the battery is fully charged, excess energy will go out to the network, and you will be credited for this under a Net Metering Agreement with your utility provider.

The value you get from a solar battery will depend on your system and energy usage patterns. We believe that it’s important to deliver New York solar installations that create a strong return on investment. We’ll recommend a battery if it suits your needs and if it will create value. We never upsell when it doesn’t make sense for the household.

Home battery energy storage is a hot solar item. We install them! Give us a call today to get started!

Your Battery Will be Included with the Bill for Your New York Solar Installation

Solar power in New York is subsidized by the state and federal governments in the form of tax credits and incentives. When you add a battery to your New York solar installation, incentives can reduce the cost.

We’ll help you to determine which incentives and tax credits are available in your case. We can even apply expected tax credits to your financing to cover an initial interest-free period with no money down.

The current incentives dramatically reduce the cost of a solar installation, so if you’re installing for the first time, it’s worth considering a solar battery.

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