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How The Situation in The Bahamas Inspires Solar Companies in New York

Solar utilization is vastly different when looking from state to state and even nation to nation. The United States is a global leader in solar technology, but there are still lessons to learn offshore. Solar companies in New York even take inspiration from the projects found elsewhere around the world.

If you’re considering solar power in New York, you can look to other nations as case studies.

What Can Solar Companies in NY Learn from The Bahamas?

In 2019, The Bahamas experienced record-breaking severe weather events that completely devastated the electrical grid. Today, the nation is rebuilding, with solar being a key aspect of the redevelopment.

Solar makes sense for the Bahamas. Because solar can be decentralized, homes and businesses can have electricity without relying on a grid that’s vulnerable to hurricanes and other weather events.

Solar power in New York can also serve a similar purpose. When solar companies in New York install rooftop panels, families and businesses rely less on the grid. New York also suffers from severe weather events, and while the infrastructure is more reliable than in The Bahamas, the outages can still be long and difficult to endure. Rooftop solar power in New York, especially when combined with a solar battery, offers a reliable solution for when the grid goes down.

New systems in The Bahamas will be shared by communities and are mounted very low to the ground, to ensure stability in even the highest winds. Some solar companies in New York follow a similar approach, but on the rooftop.

At New York Power Solutions, we use low penetration racking and flashing with panels that are mounted close to the roofing surface. This ensures stability and weather resistance without damaging the roof or the structure of the home.

And, with solar power in New York, you won’t need to rely on a community installation. That’s one of the key differences between solar in our state vs. The Bahamas. You can have your own rooftop solar power in New York, ensuring that you can generate savings and a strong return on investment over time.

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Your Home Can Benefit from a New York Solar Installation

Just like in The Bahamas, where the government is implementing solar for energy security, you can have energy security within the confines of your private home.

Solar power gives you more independence from the grid. Your New York solar installation will save you money over time. During the day, your panels can power your home. Any excess you export to the grid will be credited to your account, helping to cover the energy that you import in the evenings.

With a solar battery, you can store energy from your New York solar installation during the day and deploy it in the evening during peak hours when rates are higher.

A New York solar installation will pay for itself over time. Most systems pay for themselves in savings after the first eight years. With New York Power Solutions, you will enjoy peace of mind with a 25-Year Warranty on your solar panels.

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