Residential Solar

The Latest Solar Facts Can Inspire You to Switch to Residential Solar

As we move towards the end of 2022, the solar statistics for the year are becoming clearer. In recent weeks, several industry bodies have released new facts and data about the solar industry, some of which could inspire you to make the switch to residential solar.

Solar power in New York can save you money and give you more energy independence. Learn about what’s happening with solar on a national and global scale and talk to New York Power Solutions when you’re ready to start planning a greener and more reliable home.

The Residential Solar Industry is Rapidly Growing

Residential solar and commercial solar industries are growing at a rapid rate.

Just over two decades ago, the total capacity of global solar was close to 3 GW (Giga Watts). By the end of the current decade, the global capacity will exceed 900 GW.

That’s a massive increase, helped significantly by residential solar installations. Your solar power in New York would have a much lower output than a commercial solar farm, but the capacity adds up when millions of homeowners make the switch every year.

You can contribute to the global transition with residential solar on your rooftop.

The Price of New York Solar Installation Will Continue to Decline

In the years ahead, the price of a New York solar installation will likely decline. We have witnessed this trend over the decades as technology has advanced. Solar panel manufacturing methods have been optimized, putting New York solar installation within reach of the average family.

Does this mean you should wait? Actually, no, it doesn’t. Solar generates a return on investment, and the savings can begin immediately, even if you finance your system. The sooner you get solar, the sooner you can start saving.

You also need to consider that New York solar installation is supported by NY state tax incentives and federal incentives. These won’t be around forever. While the cost of panels is likely to decrease, the loss of generous incentives could change the total return you can generate from solar power in New York.

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The Hardware for Solar Power in New York is Becoming More Efficient

Solar panels are gradually increasing in their efficiency. This means that solar engineers can design systems to generate ample electricity on a residential rooftop. Solar power in New York can power your entire home during the day with excess energy to export to the grid.

More efficiency means a better return on your investment. So, as panels have increased in efficiency, getting solar on your rooftop has become more viable.

Know for Sure if Solar is Right for You

You don’t need to guess about solar for your home. The latest statistics and facts show there’s never been a better time to get solar.

With New York Power Solutions, you can have solar installed without risk. You can get started with a free ballpark estimate for solar. From there, we can perform a site inspection and provide you with a cost/benefit analysis.

We won’t recommend solar if it doesn’t make sense for your home. We’ll give you all of the data and insights to keep things simple.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

New York Power Solutions is the Best Solar Installer

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