New York Solar Power Rebates

Solar is More Affordable with New York Solar Power Rebates

Your electricity bills will shrink when you have solar power in New York. A New York solar installation is one of the most effective ways to save money while gaining energy independence. Solar has become increasingly more affordable in recent years. Even New York solar power rebates and tax incentives help you make the switch.

Learn about government-sponsored New York solar power rebates and start with your free ballpark estimate today.

The U.S. Government Continues to Support Renewables

Several active New York solar power rebates and tax credit programs are available to reduce the cost of your solar installation. Some of these are taken off the top of your bill, while some will come later in tax refunds. With New York Power Solutions, you’ll get help to learn exactly which incentives and New York solar power rebates are available to you.

The government has done an excellent job of supporting solar power in New York and other states. Recent developments show that lawmakers are committed to renewables for the long term.

News emerged this week that lawmakers have reached a deal to approve billions in funding for renewable projects. Up to $369 billion is set to be allocated by congress to support climate goals and clean energy. This would include funding to develop solar panel manufacturing capabilities in the U.S.

Solar Power Rebates for Your New York Solar Installation

During your consultation with New York Power Solutions, we’ll examine your unique situation and determine which credits and New York solar power rebates apply in your case.

Some of the most common solar power incentives include:

  • A direct NYSERDA rebate based on your New York solar installation size. This will reduce your total installation bill.
  • A state tax credit worth up to $5,000.
  • A federal tax credit is worth up to 26% of the cost of your system in 2022, or 22% in 2023.

New York solar power rebates are important to keep solar affordable and accessible for families all over the state.

New York Solar Power Rebates are waiting for you to take advantage of.  Call us now to learn more!

How Easy is it to Switch to Solar Power in New York?

With the long-term savings and return on investment, it makes sense to switch to solar power in New York. Doing so is easy with New York Power Solutions.

We start with a ballpark estimate to give you an idea of the installation cost. If you’re happy with the numbers in the initial estimate, we’ll move forward with a detailed consultation and on-site inspection.

We believe that solar power in New York should provide a financial return and environmental benefits. New York has some of the highest electric utility rates in the nation. Solar can offset these rates and the general rise in the cost of living. We will provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis to see the savings and advantages before you commit to anything.

Your Ballpark Estimate Awaits at New York Power Solutions

All you need to do is get your ballpark solar power estimate online. You can do it now, and we’ll take it from there. With our SMART Solar Program, getting solar with New York Power Solutions is stress-free. We’ll manage everything from the first consultation to the installation and 25-Year Warranty. We’ll even take care of the permits. We’re an NYSERDA Approved solar contractor so that you can be sure of the quality and reliability of your solar system.

New York solar power rebates have been key to the rise in renewables in our state. Make the switch with our team and enjoy the simplest path to energy independence.

Free Solar Estimate from New York Power Solutions

Ready to join the SMART Solar Program in Newburgh NY? You can take the first step with a free solar estimate from New York Power Solutions. Our team is ready to help make the switch easy. From detailed consultations to our in-depth cost/benefit analysis, you’ll get all the support you need to get installed with affordable and reliable solar.