Solar Panel Installation in NYC

Your Solar Panel Installation in NYC Could Create Panels in the Future

The average solar panel installation in NYC will last between 25 and 30 years. With New York Power Solutions, you can have peace of mind with our famous 25-Year Warranty. But what happens to your panels after their serviceable period?

A solar panel installation in NYC will generate more than 100 times the energy that is used during the manufacturing process. But once the panels are no longer viable, materials will be left behind. The photovoltaic cells used for solar power in New York contain materials like glass, silver, and silicon.

With the U.S. set to increase its domestic manufacturing of solar panels, your New York solar installation could end up in a vast recycling chain that fuels the next generation of equipment.

Solar Panel Recycling Will Become a $2.7 Billion Industry

Large-scale deployment of solar has only occurred in the last two decades. This means we’re approaching a window where millions of older solar panels will become e-waste.

The demand for panels, driven by the demand for solar panel installation in NYC and other areas, will mean that recycling old materials becomes viable and necessary.

Analysts predicted that solar recyclable materials will contribute to a $2.7 billion industry by the end of 2030. But that’s only the beginning, it’s expected that the market for solar panel recycling will exceed $80 billion by 2050.

That compares to a market worth less than $300 million this year.

Choosing to have solar panel installation in NYC isn’t just great for your utility bill and the environment. It’s also important to recognize that the materials used for the panels on your roof will eventually be recycled and fed back into the renewable energy industry.

New York Solar Installation is Better for the Environment

America is transitioning to a clean energy future. With rising costs for fossil fuels, your New York solar installation will save you money in the coming years.

You’ve seen price increases at the gas pump and gas you use at home. You’ve probably also noticed that your electric utility bill has been creeping higher in recent years. Fuel oil is a major source of electricity in New York. The grid is old and unreliable, and providers are getting more expensive to distribute electricity. You can save thousands over the lifetime of a New York solar installation.

But it’s not just the financial benefits that matter. Installing solar power in New York will reduce carbon emissions, helping to secure a brighter future for your children and future generations. Man-made climate change is occurring at an increased rate. By shifting to renewables, we can reduce the impact of a growing global population and high electricity demand.

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The Best Company for Solar Power in New York

You can look to New York Power Solutions for your solar panel installation. We are experienced in the industry and have connected more than 5,000 homes to solar. We are an NYSERDA-Approved Contractor, which means we adhere to the highest standards for quality and reliability.

We’ll help you with a free solar estimate and a cost/benefit analysis to understand how solar will benefit your home. All you need to do is start with your ballpark estimate today.

Go Solar with New York Power Solutions

At New York Power Solutions we are committed to a future where energy is cleaner and more affordable for all. You can experience the benefits of a solar panel installation in NYC. Lower utility bills and a return on your investment make solar the best improvement that you can make in your home.