Clarkstown NY Solar

Claim Your Energy Independence with Clarkstown NY Solar

With the ever-increasing cost of electricity in New York, Clarkstown NY solar makes more sense than ever. With solar, you can say goodbye to the high bills from your utility company and claim your energy independence.

Learn how a solar installation in Rockland County gives you more financial independence and talk to the New York Power Solutions team to start planning your installation today.

How Solar Gives You Energy Independence

When you take all your electricity from the grid, you’ll never have energy independence. You’ll be at the mercy of your provider, and as the rates increase, which they always do, you will have less money in your budget.

Energy independence means generating electricity on your terms with solar panels on your roof. Solar will deliver savings by powering your home during the day and offsetting the electricity you import at night.

  • During the day, your solar panels will generate electricity for your appliances and electronics.
  • Excess energy produced by Clarkstown NY solar can be distributed back to the grid.
  • The excess energy will spin your meter in reverse, offsetting the electricity you take from the grid at night.
  • You’ll be credited for the net difference when you end a billing period with more exports than imports.
  • This system is known as Net Metering, one of the most significant ways solar returns value.

Solar won’t just save you money. It will reduce the environmental impact of your home. Clarkstown was one of the first municipalities in America to sign a Climate Protection Agreement.

One of the Top Clarkstown Solar Companies

New York Power Solutions is one of the best Clarkstown solar companies to call when you decide to make the switch. We’ve installed over 5,000 systems across New York, helping everyday Americans save more and enjoy their energy independence.

There’s a growing number of Clarkstown solar companies, but we’re one of the few that will focus on your savings rather than our bottom line. We are an NYSERDA Approved solar installer, meeting the highest standards for engineering and quality.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

The Cost of Solar

The real cost of solar in Clarkstown NY can be offset by tax credits and other state-sponsored incentives.

  • You will be eligible for a NY and federal tax credit. The federal tax credit has just increased to 30% of the cost of your solar installation.
  • The cost of solar in Clarkstown NY is reduced with a direct incentive from NYSERDA, based on the size of your system. This incentive comes off the top of your bill.
  • You can spread the cost of solar over a financing term. We offer an initial term interest-free, based on expected tax credits. The second part of your financing can be paid over your chosen term. Through our partners, we offer some of the best interest rates in the industry.

You can learn about the cost of solar in Clarkstown NY, with a free estimate from our team. We keep installation costs competitive with the wider industry through our attention to detail and our SMART Solar Program.

A Free Home Solar Estimate in Clarkstown NY

Deciding to get solar is a major decision. You can be informed with a free home solar estimate in Clarkstown NY. Our free ballpark estimates are based on satellite data. You can start with yours online.

Your free home solar estimate in Clarkstown NY is followed by a full survey at your home to determine if solar is the best option for your family. New York Power Solutions will provide you with a cost/benefit analysis to evaluate the savings and returns solar will generate.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

If you’re ready to switch to solar, it’s time to start talking to our expert team.