Solar Panel Installation Direction

What’s the Correct Solar Panel Installation Direction in New York?

Installing solar can give you measurable savings over decades. The return on investment can begin relatively quickly, with most New York solar installations paying through in savings after the first eight years. If you’re considering solar power in New York, you’ll have a lot to think about. The cost, financing, and size of the system are all important. Even the solar panel installation direction will matter.

The location of your home and the orientation of your roof could determine the efficiency of your system. Learn why solar panel installation direction is important, and talk to New York Power Solutions to see how solar could benefit your home.

New York Solar Installations are Most Effective When Facing South

The United States sits within the Northern Hemisphere, meaning the best solar panel installation direction is south.

South-facing panels will maximize the system’s total output, providing the best possible benefit from net metering. If you pair your New York solar installation with a battery backup system, then south-facing panels will be the best way to charge the system and reduce your reliance on the grid.

This is all due to the earth’s orientation to the sun. The sun shines towards the equator throughout the year. Being on the north of the equator, the best way to capture sunlight is to orientate the panels towards the south. Some slight deviation isn’t a big deal. Even if your panels don’t reach peak efficiency, they’ll still provide significant savings when looking at your utility bill monthly.

If you’re worried about the position of your home for a New York solar installation, you don’t have to be. Panels are slightly offset from the roof and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. We’ll plan your solar installation to get the maximum sunlight exposure with the optimal solar panel installation direction.

In some cases, panels will be oriented southwest. This gives the best exposure to sunlight during the morning and afternoon, with the bonus of getting more exposure towards the evenings when utility rates are higher. If your utility company uses Time of Use (TOU) billing, then this will be the best way to go.

Carefully Plan Your Solar Panel Installation Direction in NY

At New York Power Solutions, we engineer every system to suit the customer’s unique needs. This means that your system for solar power in New York will have the right number of panels, facing the right direction, to achieve maximum savings.

Choosing an installer you can trust when you want solar power in New York is important. We are an NYSERDA-Approved solar installer. We meet or exceed industry standards for workmanship, customer service, reliability, and efficiency.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

The Solar Market Continues to Grow

Long Island Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems for families and businesses in New York. The demand for solar is rapidly growing. The recently announced Inflation Reduction Act will provide a 30% tax credit for new solar systems, pushing demand even higher.

Manufacturers are increasing their output. First Solar, a major U.S. solar panel manufacturer, announced this week that it would invest more than $1 billion to expand its domestic manufacturing capabilities. This is great news for the wider industry. Many other manufacturers are looking to bring their operations Stateside, creating tens of thousands of jobs.

Solar panels are more affordable and more efficient than ever before. It’s the best time to get solar power in New York.

Get Solar Done Right with New York Power Solutions

Making the switch to solar is easy with New York Power Solutions. We’ll find the best solar panel installation direction for your home. Our consultants will provide a cost/benefit analysis to see what solar is worth over time. And you can get it all started with a free solar estimate. Make a valuable investment in your home that will provide decades of returns. Contact the team at New York Power Solutions today.