New York State Renewable Energy Credits

Take Advantage of Federal and New York State Renewable Energy Credits

The demand for solar installations in New York is growing. With federal and New York State renewable energy credits, solar has become more affordable for the average family. If you’ve seen recent news coverage about the solar revolution, it’s time to consider it for your home. New York Power Solutions is the best company for your rooftop installation.

Federal and New York State Renewable Energy Credits

If you think the cost of solar power puts it out of reach, you’ll find that New York State renewable energy credits help to balance the investment. There’s also a federal credit to make solar more affordable.

The federal tax credit is the most significant available, with a credit of up to 30% on the cost of your system. New York State renewable energy credits include direct tax credits and other incentives. Some incentives, like the NY-SUN Program, come off the top of your bill and are based on the size of your system. Others allow you to claim credits over time, like a New York City residential property tax abatement which you can claim in 5% increments over four tax years.

New York Power Solutions will help you to determine which credits are available in your case. When installed with a local solar expert, make the most of federal and New York State renewable energy credits.

Here, you can learn more about New York State renewable energy credits and our no-money-down solar financing.

In some cases, panels will be oriented southwest. This gives the best exposure to sunlight during the morning and afternoon, with the bonus of getting more exposure towards the evenings when utility rates are higher. If your utility company uses Time of Use (TOU) billing, then this will be the best way to go.

How Much Can You Save with Solar Power in New York?

Solar power in New York generates savings by reducing your electric bill. The average system will pay through in savings after the first eight years. After that, the savings go right back into your pocket.

Electricity in New York is the most expensive in the nation, outside of Alaska and Hawaii. Rates are increasing with inflation and an increased cost of generation. Solar power will create electricity for your home during the day, and the excess will spin your meter in reverse, offsetting the electricity you import in the evenings.

According to a recent Rossen Reports episode published by MSNBC, solar homes can save up to 50% on energy costs monthly. Over time, these savings add up, resulting in a return on investment. Positive news coverage like this and generous federal and New York State renewable energy credits are leading more families to switch to solar.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

How Long Does It Take to Complete a New York Solar Installation?

With Long Island Power Solutions, you’ll enjoy our turnkey service to design and install solar panels at your home.

Our New York solar installations are designed for efficiency so you can get the most from your investment. We also work quickly so that the turnaround from consultation to a fully working system is as fast as possible. While we work quickly to plan and complete your New York solar installation, we never rush the process or compromise the quality or reliability.

We even take care of the permits, so you don’t have to fill out additional forms. Once scheduled, your New York solar installation will be completed in a single day. We’ll arrive at your home, install solar power in New York, and clean up all mess. We leave nothing behind except a clean and reliable solar solution.

Switch to Solar with New York Power Solutions

The New York Power Solutions team is ready to assist with your switch to solar power. The savings possible with solar are only increasing as energy prices rise. It’s time to gain your energy independence. Start with a free consultation and estimate for solar power in New York. With over 5,000 systems installed to date, New York Power Solutions is ready to deliver a rooftop solar solution that will generate a return on investment over time.

With generous federal and New York State renewable energy credits, it’s the best time ever to install solar.