Solar in Fishkill NY

Top Reasons to Get Solar in Fishkill NY

Solar will save you money and give you a greener home with less environmental impact. Solar in Fishkill NY is one of the most valuable investments you will make. Whether you’re just starting to learn about solar, or if you’re looking for the key benefits to finalize your decision, these top reasons to get solar in Fishkill NY can help you to make the best choice.

Solar Will Reduce Your Energy Bills

Solar offsets your energy usage by generating electricity during the day. This powers your home while also spinning your meter in reverse when there’s surplus production. You can enjoy significant savings from month to month through a Net Metering agreement with your utility company. Energy prices are rising. Solar is the best way to protect your family from the ridiculous electricity rates in New York.

Solar Increases the Value of Your Home

Solar can significantly increase the value of your home. With the help of a Fishkill NY solar company, you could make your home more desirable on the market. A solar system can last 25 – 30 years, so you don’t need to consider selling your home today. The value created by solar will still increase the home’s value 5, 10, or even 15 years into the future.

There’s Government Support and Solar Financing in Fishkill NY

You can claim some of the cost of your solar system as a tax credit. There are state and federal credits available. The Federal credit has just been increased to 30% of the cost of your system, allowing you to offset the initial cost of investment dramatically. With solar financing in Fishkill NY, you can apply expected tax credits to an interest-free period with no money down.

You can choose the length of the term for solar financing in Fishkill NY so that the repayments will be manageable over time.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

The Investment in Solar is Likely to Improve Over Time

New York has some of the highest electric utility rates in America. They have trended upwards over time. Solar is a good investment today because it reduces the cost of the electricity that you consume at home. And, because rates tend to increase, the investment will only improve over time.

It’s More Affordable Than Ever to Work with a Fishkill NY Solar Company

Solar is more affordable today than it has ever been. The price of solar panels has dramatically decreased in the last two decades. We’re now at a sweet spot where the average family can afford to work with a Fishkill NY solar company. While the price of panels could decrease in the future, the real price might not be because inflation is a major concern.

If you want a home with solar, now is the time to act. Past trends won’t dictate the price of solar in the future, so it’s worth booking a Fishkill NY solar company today so that you can take advantage of great prices while they’re here.

There’s Almost No Maintenance with Solar

You won’t have to do any maintenance. Panels don’t require maintenance, and the rate of faults and failures is exceedingly low.

With New York Power Solutions, you’ll get a 25-Year Warranty on your panels, and systems are monitored 24/7. If something goes wrong with solar in Fishkill NY, we’ll be around to provide a quick and effective fix.

Panels need occasional cleaning depending on where you live and the dust and debris hitting your rooftop. We can take care of the cleaning; you can call us when you need your solar panels to be inspected. Our team has decades of experience in the roofing and solar industries.

It’s Time to Get Your Free Home Solar Estimate

We’ve explained some of the top benefits of solar in Fishkill NY. Now it’s time to get your free home solar estimate. You can get an online free home solar estimate today using satellite data. We’ll follow up with a consultation and cost/benefit analysis. You’ll get all the information you need to make the right choice for your home and future.