Solar Backup Power

How Does NY Solar Backup Power Work?

Solar backup power can keep your solar system running even when the grid goes down, and it could save you more money than solar panels alone. If you’re planning to have a New York solar installation, a battery backup system could add value with a better return on investment in the long term.

Learn how solar backup power works and how it enhances the benefits of rooftop solar power in New York.

Combining a Solar Battery with Solar Power in New York

We are passionate about delivering efficient solar solutions at New York Power Solutions. Solar batteries, also known as solar backup power, increase panels’ efficiency.

Solar panels provide the advantage of lower energy bills that create a return on investment over the lifetime of a system. You’ll pay less to the utility company, giving you better control over your finances. A solar battery can add two additional benefits to the overall package.

  • When you combine a solar battery with solar power in New York, you can deploy electricity from the battery when the sun goes down. When rates are at their highest during peak hours, the solar battery will switch on, protecting you from high utility bills. The battery will recharge during the daytime.
  • In the event of an outage, solar power in New York shuts down. But if you have a battery attached to your system, you can keep your home powered. This can be a huge benefit during the storm, or any time there’s maintenance or an unplanned outage on the network. You will need a solar battery if you want fully redundant solar power.

Batteries for solar power in New York are more efficient than ever, delivering significant savings and longer running times during outages. You can talk to the New York Power Solutions experts to determine the best type of battery system to suit your needs.

Solar Backup Power is Based on Years of Innovation

A decade ago, solar backup power for the home would have been prohibitively expensive for the average homeowner. Today, solar backup power is relatively affordable with improvements in battery efficiency and reliability. With the addition of government incentives and the ease of no-money-down financing, solar backup power is affordable for the average homeowner.

It’s because of relentless innovation that we can have solar batteries today. There are still new developments being made in the solar industry.

According to Chinese researchers, new technology could allow solar panels in space to beam energy to receiving stations on earth, potentially eliminating the need for large commercial solar farms. This could help to reduce demand on the national grid if the technology were ever fully developed, although it could be years, if not decades, before we see anything like this in practice.

Your solar power in New York will come from panels on your rooftop rather than in space, but it’s interesting to see the exciting directions where technology is headed.

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